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sherlock. wha-hey!
So, my friend Andrew passed away this week. It was very sudden and utterly unexpected with no foreshadowing whatsoever. I still don't know how this is possible in this world. He was super smart, super fun, super warm, super hard-working, super easy-going, super inclusive, super giving, super everything. In short, he was superman.

He knew who I am. And he loved me.

He was a Topless Wish Faerie. He was in the Carnival Band. He co-parented three children, two of them disabled, one severely so. He was a wonderful gamesmaster. He worked for the government. His most famous costume was a cute Baby Cthulhu. He wore super clothing. It was like he was cosplaying himself, all the time.

He was awesome at playing.

You should have seen him playing with the children and teaching them to be good loving fun citizens by example and word and by knowing who they were, too. Your hear would have melted, I swear. People are better than celebrities. In less than five seconds with Andrew you would have been enchanted.

I took more pictures. Where are the pictures when you want them? These are the only two good ones I could find on my computer.

Here he is playing a dombek (I believe (I am not so good with hand drums)) in green bloomers and a purple tutu and a flower crown. This is before flower crowns were a 'thing.'

Here he is with Little Sevvie with striped pirate trousers and a feather sash (it is fancier than a boa,) and sparkle makeup.

The last time I saw him I ran into him at the library and he was wearing a cloak (he always wore a cloak) and a red velvet top hat. We were going to meet up at a fun game restaurant here which is fandom-decorated and has super great inexpensive original (and fandom-named) food. No, that's not true. We also went swimming on the day I sprained my ankles. He was singing little comic songs to his disabled daughter and helping her with the pool things. At one time I spent every Sunday at his home.

I don't know how this is possible.

Forgive me for posting two pictures without a cut. Forgive me for saying 'faeries.' That's what we say here in Vancouver. It's a cultural thing.
I chose the icon he would have liked best.
  • Oh, dearest. I'm so sad for you, and for his family. *hugs*
    • Aw, thank you so much, Dicky. *hugs*
      I still can't really believe it. though we held a celebration on Saturday.
  • I'm so sorry. HUGS.
  • I am very sorry for your loss.
  • I am sooooo very sorry to hear of your lose babe. Remember him at his best and he will always be in your heart.

    Loves you, Sonia
    • You are absolutely right. I can hear him, remember everything, dynamically. He Will always be in my heart. Thank you, dear Sonia. <3
  • I offer my heart-felt condolences. You have lost a dear, dear friend. The miracle is that you knew him and that he was such a wondrous part of your life.

    The pictures seem to convey just the spirit you describe in your words of him..... a testimony of who he was and your love for him.

    I will carry you and his family in my heart today.
    • Thank you very much, dear Nun Sense. Yes, it was a miracle. 8^) He is just like the pictures. I wish I had more pictures. Thank you for thinking of us.
  • I'm so sorry for your loss. The universe is so cruel sometimes.

    • Thank you so much. I still can't really believe it is possible. Not Andrew. Thank you so much for reading.
  • I am so, so sorry for your loss. :( It sounds like he was an amazing and inspiring person.
    • He was wonderful. I don't know what the children will do without him. He was there when they were born and ever since. I don't know what the city will do without him.
  • I am so sorry, most beloved :-(

    *very tender robed embrace*
    • Thank you, dear Logos. I wish so much I had a non-aerthereal robed embrace. And Little Sevvie does, too. *sniffles, even if it is almost impossible to believe it*
  • I love faeries. It's difficult to live as a certain kind of person and faeries make it seem like it is actually easy when you are near them. I can't imagine the dimensions of your loss. Please stay with the rest of us in your heart as you grieve. I am worried about your devastation. It is a huge miracle to have someone like him in your life and for him to be gone from you is too much. We are all still here and reading.
    • Well, when people got together it was always Andrew to whom I would go to hug him first, and maybe only him, really, usually, except for a couple of other people. And I only really met any of the people because of him (oh over a decade ago when one of the boys was a tot and my favourite child wouldn't even be born for years.) I met him on LJ actually when someone with whom I later fell out had a meme about 'who should be your LJ friend from my friends list' and he picked Andrew when I answered. We were faeries. We did cosplay and sword fighting. We were pirates. We had puppets. We made wine. We played games. We had singsongs. We made altars and had ceremonies. We stayed up all night and celebrated the seasons. We had so much food, so many festivals. *sniffles*

      Thank you for being here and reading and especially for knowing I need to hear that. Not that many people know me, but it feels like you do.

      And as you like octopi, I really really really want Little Holmes to come immediately. Yesterday, preferably.
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