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snape100 #281 Team Cauldron! (but there is a snitch...)

snape100 #281 Team Cauldron! (but there is a snitch...)

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adult storeroom
Title: For Scarring Left by Thoughts
Character(s): Severus, Draco, Albus, a misc. Gryffindor, and Goyle jr.
Pairing(s): None
Rating: G
Warning(s): None
Challenge(s): Cauldrons and Snitches
Word count: 100
Author's notes: Team Cauldron!

Severus had nurtured the Oblivious Unction long evenings, patiently brewing its components, adding precise variations. For Draco, it must be perfect. This night was the last, most delicate phase. He had skipped supper. Albus would understand. They wanted to save the boy what they could.

Some intrepid Gryffindor rapped on his door, telling tales again. Goyle had taken his sweets again. Entitled, he pushed on the door.

Severus risked a half-second glance from the creation in his cauldron to look for the flash of a shining white head, like his father's, his grandfather's. Not seeing it, he snarled.

"Get Out!"
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