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Revel Infinitus!

Revel Infinitus!

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sherlock.  not good?

  • Ooooh! What's this all about? : O
    • There is a Harry Potter Con in Florida in July - 'Infinitus,' and I am going! And I will be a Death Eater there, and this is a com for organising! (I will also be Sev.) I'm very excited.
      • Oh man, that sounds like so much fun! Is it only for Death Eaters? : O

        And I would be too! So jealous, haha.
        • Aw no, the con is for everyone. The com is for Death Eaters. Which you are... 8^) I wish you could come.
          • XD Awww, I don't know what you're talking about. I'm as innocent as they come! Haha, though it does look like fun. I'd love to go!

            Though Florida is a bit of a ways from here, sadly. D: Though be sure to tell me what it was like. : D
  • Hee..DE mayhem!!!
    • Poor Rabastan. I always feel for him in this icon. I'm working on my mask every night.
  • Love it! I think I'll dress up as Bella again...
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