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Paper Clay (a poem)

Paper Clay (a poem)

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sherlock.  not good?
paper clay!
get yours today!
don't delay!

is a disaster.

(with thanks to dixiebell)
  • Wonderful poem! Paperclay is AMAZING stuff and definitely deserves its own poem. So versatile and easy to shape, not to mention lightweight and thus perfect for DE masks!
  • *squees* I take it that it's going well ;) Hopefully pics soon *pokes*

    • there were some plaster disasters. but the paper clay was able to fix them! it is still bare, but I reconstructed the nose and cut the eyeholes today. I'm working on more structure (emphasising bones) and it is drying. I tried to take a photo, but it just came out white. you couldn't see anything.

      thank you so much for the advice. it is working so much better.
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