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Content Index

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So Convincing
After School
Hide and Seek
Our Secret. Ours.
Magic Is Light
The Price of Magic
Dark Halo
Close Encounter (for Draco)
Second Son
There but for Fortune: The Legacy of Gellert's War and the Soldiers of the Dark Lord (non-fiction)
Dark Halo
Just in Case
A Hand and a Heart and a Brain
Snape's Kiss: Welcome Back
The Subtle Things
Poker Faces
Forever Idyll
The Crystalline Cold of Christmas Air
For Peace and Happiness
Hand of Dream

Advent 2010
Dec. 1 Ice Writing
Dec. 2 Snow Ball
Dec. 3 Like Church Bells
Dec. 4 Christmas at Home
Dec. 5 An Offering of Hirschtalg
Dec. 6 Ghost of the Christmas Past
Dec. 7 Egg Nog
Dec. 8 Slytherin Pride
Dec. 9 Hoar Frost
Dec. 10 Christmas Presence, Christmas Promise
Dec. 11 Wassailing
Dec. 12 Lavender's Green

God Give Them Peace
The Loved and Lost (for severed_lies)
Knits and Scraps
Shelter from the Storm
Comforting the Past
The Sorting Hat Said Slytherin
Felix Felicis
Surely Christmas Morning
If You Can Keep Your Head When All About You...
Washed Clean
Solar Eclipse
Close Encounter (for onlynanda)
School for Young Seigneurs
Summer Cold
To Another's Garden
Malfoy Music
Valentine Tea (for scytheandroses)
Masters and Friends
Muggle Music
The Lost One, Returned
Purity and Power (for onlynanda)
Father Christmas, 1940
Worth Dying For

Advent 2009:
Dec. 1 2009 House Unity Candles
Dec. 2 2009 Plum Pudding and Marchpane
Dec. 3 2009 Hair Ribbon
Dec. 4 2009 Home Fire Burning
Dec. 5 2009 Tinsel Findings
Dec. 6 2009 Geminio Treat
Dec. 7 2009 Speculation and Certainty
Dec. 8 2009 The After-Christmas Tree
Dec. 9 2009 Parody Denied
Dec. 10 2009 A Prize, a Hat and a Motto
Dec. 11 2009 Hansel and Gretel
Dec. 12 2009 What Is an Angel?
Dec. 13 2009 Dance with a Real Friend
Dec. 14 2009 Always the Cause
Dec. 15 2009 The Holly and the Ivy
Dec. 16 2009 The Christmas Robin
Dec. 17 2009 Velvet
Dec. 18 2009 Champagne
Dec. 19 2009 The New Sun
Dec. 20 2009 Twins
Dec. 21 2009 First Kiss
Dec. 22 2009 Wreath of Bay Leaves
Dec. 23 2009 The Christmas Feast
Dec. 24 2009 Under his Pillow

Tupperware??!!! (silly)
You Could Have Knocked Me Over with a Feather (for 00sevvie on IJ)

With Rabastan Lestrange (no longer on LJ)
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme: Herb-shopping with Rabastan (PartI)
DeathEaters: Mission with Rabastan (Part II) violence warning
Out of Azkaban: Rabastan Goes to Spinner's End (Part III)
Pansies, Rue, Rosemary and Fennel: Gardening with Rabastan (Part IV)
Among the Muggles: Market with Rabastan (Part V)

Whisked from Death (silly)
Black (silly)
Medicinal Cocoa (for 00sevvie on IJ)
Before the Rain (silly)
A Prince's Papers
Taken to Me
Severus Visits Paris Alone
Severus and Werewolves (nonfiction)
Severus and Flight (nonfiction)
Motive for Metaphor
For Scarring Left by Thoughts
Oaths and Vows
Free Fall
Polishing his Wand
Perhaps You'll Make Your Real Friends
The Late...
Letter Home
Severus and Voldemort (Part I) (nonfiction)
Severus and Voldemort (Part II) nonfiction)
Why 'Janus?' (nonfiction)
Photo Phailure
Salazar Dream
Hair Hair Hair Hair (non-fiction)
How Severus Got His Wand
How Severus Got His Wand (Notes)
Birthday Gift
Azkaban Blanket (for Rabastan Lestrange no longer on LJ)
Prophecy Creation (for Lezard Valeth arrogantmage on lj)
Halloween Hijinks (for rosivan on ij (silly))
Faces, Not Masks
Lucius, Narcissa and Severus at Evan Rosier's Birthday (with notsostellar. I am Lucius as well as Severus)
Chance Meeting with Narcissa in London (with notsostellar)
Spinner's End
Red, White and Black (Crass-Punk)


Unwritten (for elfflame in snapelyholidays)
Severus' 50th Birthday Big Bang Banners

Slytherin House Motivational Poster
Dark Prince Rising Banners
Slytherin Flower Valentine

Yuletide Present from Dumbledore
Snape in Winter - Aguamenti!
Snape in Winter - No Camouflage!
Guilty Pleasure - Creampuffs!
Muggle Artefacts - Transistor/IPod
Snape in The Little Prince
Snape in Love
Alternative Career - Overzealous Librarian
Snape on Holiday - Severus' Magic Cruise
Marc Chagall's Above the Town

Gifts by Others
From magnetic_pole - Us. Here. Now.
From rosivan - All Soul's Day
From annescriblerian - The Wild Hunt
From severedlies - The Darkest Night
From severedlies - Battle Not with Monsters
From arrogantmage - Lezard/Younger!Severus
From purplefluffycat - Recruitment Strategies
From scytheandroses - in which Antonin makes a Valentine
From swankysoul - Perfect
From slytherinlaurel - Body, Adrift
From chantefable - Letter to a Young Death Eater
From leela_cat - Triptych: Duty, Dream, and Desire

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