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Comforting the Past

Comforting the Past

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sherlock.  not good?
Author: janus
Title: Comforting the Past
Fest: genhpldws
Rating: G
Pairings: None
Word Count: 400
Summary: Severus and Luna talk about his Penseive
Author's/Artist's Notes: The challenge was to write a missing scene from HBP from Luna's point of view.

There was something very special about the clay bowl that Professor Snape carried. It fairly radiated a halo of ghosts in opalescent smoke of blue and white. She simply must ask. Such a profoundly promising Ravenclaw blue.

"Excuse me, Professor."

He moved his head in impatience. "Yes, Miss Lovegood?" But his hands were gentle and careful with the bowl, almost tender.

"I couldn't help noticing the aura surrounding your dear bowl, and I was wondering, in the interest of education, if you might tell me a little about it." She added the last as she was well aware that he valued diligence and study. It was the only way to win favour in his classes. She stood very straight with her hands respectfully behind her back.

Professor Snape stopped and frowned at her, allowing her to glance within the bowl. The bottom was melded glass speckled in green and blue. Like the sea, she thought. A dark sea, for the rest was black.

Her teacher paused to reply. "As one of your little classmates has already been informed of its functions and properties, I do not doubt this information has been tossed about the school as if it were a... Fanged Frisbee. It is called a Penseive." She noticed the precision and pride in his voice. "I developed it with Professor Dumbledore. One may place memories within and relive them. Or another may relive them. One may examine them in detail, to meditate upon ones errors. For instance, were a student to relive the night before her exam, she would watch herself again lounging about the common room, chattering aimlessly and frittering away her time with trivialities."

Luna tilted her head to think a moment and to allow the implications of this to bound through her mind like rabbits. "If you were to visit yourself at a terrible time, you could comfort yourself."

"That's ridiculous. You can't change the past, or you would not be there to look within the Pensieve. You may only watch the past. You cannot interact with it."

Luna was undeterred. It was just his way. "But the past is not really in your... Pensieve. You are not really witnessing the past, but your memory, which is always inside you, like a friend. You would know you had been there with yourself, with sympathy and understanding. So if you could comfort the sad and frightened memory within you when you thought of it, it would not cause you to be so sad or afraid any longer."

first posted to my dreamwidth account.
  • Interesting ideas Luna has!! You've captured both voices very nicely.
    • As there is little of Bella in me, there is little of Luna either, and she is quite a challenge to write as well. She has sorrows and senses Severus' I think, but she is peripheral to my world, to his world. I like her serenity and insight amidst even the worst of times.
  • I really liked this. Luna has a little bit of that "crazy-wisdom" thing going on, i think; although hers is more open and honest, without the underlying agenda of, say, Dumbledore. I think Snape wouldn't quite know what to do with that.
    • Oh thank you so much! Luna is truly innocent, not naive, but honest with herself and others, honest in her vision as well. Snape is going to be all: ".......!" I think I could like Dumbledore, but the Death Eaters are more in need of redemption first. He is generally already regarded as redeemed - it is rarely questioned, even if people think of him as having an agenda or being manipulative.

      I LOVE your icon! Did you make it?.
  • How perfectly lovely... I so love exchanges between Professor Snape and Luna :-)
    • Ooh! Thank you so much for reading my story!!!

      Luna is very wise, and Snape could learn from her. In my world she is able to see inside him and others to their pain and strength and courage, and she is able to help it as she can address it with perfect serenity and bring fresh perspective. She looks into herself and that shows her others as well, I think.

      She has things to learn from him also, I think, for he has been different in the world for a very long time. I think his soul could encourage her.
  • This is such a charming little vignette. I love the way she suggests a different way to look at things in that last paragraph. It's so Luna that she jumps to that use of it.
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