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25 question HP meme from Kat

25 question HP meme from Kat

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sherlock.  not good?
25 Question HP Fandom Meme

1.Which house do you suit/are in?
Slytherin. But I used to say Slytherenclaw, and I may be coming back to it...

2.Which family do you admire, the Blacks, Potters or Weasleys?
None. Obviously, I would pick the one that is not blood traitors to a man, but the Black family tree is full of maniacs. I suppose... I like Regulus, which is one more member than I like in any of these other houses.

3.What is your Patronus?
I think I recently decided it was a beagle.

4.What does your Boggart turn into?
Ah, but that would be telling. Um... a Japanese fighting fish in a dixie cup?

5.What do you force it to become, that's laughable?
one fish two fish red fish blue fish in a pan, answering: "oh fish, are you faithful to the old covenant..."

6.Which spell do you prefer, Sectumsempra or Protego?
Sectumsempra. Not only is the best defence a good offence, the best defence is not to put yourself in a position where you need defence in the first place. Sectumsempra is also useful on a daily utilitarian basis. Always carry a pocket knife.

7.What animal would you take to Hogwarts?
an owl. nothing is more important than communication. on the other hand I don't especially like birds. I would like a dog. Possibly a cat.

8.Who are your two best friends in Hogwarts? Any era.
My Rabastan Lestrange, and Evan Rossier, but a less obvious choice would be Albus Dumbledore, before he turned to the dark side (against Grindelwald.)

9.What is your HP OTP?

10.Which character would you marry?

11.Death Eater or Auror?
ideological Death Eater loyal to Grindelwald over Riddle every time.

12.What is your most obvious house trait?
Being Best (Pride)

13.What is your favourite Wizard Rock song?
I kind of hate Wizard Rock. I liked it a tiny bit until I saw it live. I used to like March of the Death Eaters, by The Misuse of Muggle Artefacts and Snape, by Flying with Wilma

14.Princes, Prewetts or Peverells?
Severus is only half Prince, and I am dubious about his relatives. Marrying muggles!!! The Prewetts are out of the question. Therefore I will have to say Peverells, but the later Peverells (Potters) were intolerable.

15.If you could only learn fives spells, what would they be?
Legilimens, Occlumens, Imperius, Evanesco, Expecto Patromen

16.Which movie is your favourite, and which is your least favourite?
Favourite film: Deathly Hallows 2, but I also liked Deathly Hallows 1 and Goblet of Fire is always a favourite. Least favourite: Halfblood Prince

17.Which book did you like and which did you dislike?
Favourite book: Deathly Hallows, dislike: Deathly Hallows

18.Which professor strikes your fancy the most? And least?
Ugh. I don't know. Snape was not really a good teacher. Lupin was cowardly and self-serving... um...

19.Did you get into Pottermore? Ignore it? Discard it?
Ugh. I got in almost at once, saw there was nothing to do and that it was broken, then I ignored it.

20.Which piece would you pick on a Wizard Chess board?
the queen is obviously most useful. What kind of question is this? Next best is a knight because it is sneakiest.

21.Which is your overall favourite character?
Gellert Grindelwald.

22.Which three characters are you most like?
In order: Severus (I am Severus,) Antonin Dolohov, Regulus Black. I wish I were like my Rab, but I'm not.

23.What scene would you like to be in, in any HP book/film? Without changing the outcome.
I would like to hang out with Gellert on his research take-over-the-world travels. The Little Hangleton Graveyard is a more concrete possibility.

24.What scene would you least like to be in?
In the book where Riddle killed Gellert.

25.Did Voldemort/Riddle have any redeeming qualities in your opinion?
Yes he had some good ideals, but he was created to be a villain. He was thus racist, and his more complex opposition to repression was minimalised and subjugated to and simplified into the single flaw of racism.
  • Agree with #24, though Severus' death is more personal to me I hate to see one true Dark wizard being done in by one as shallow and flimsy as Riddle.
    Really like #4. Made me grin.

    Edited at 2012-02-08 04:15 (UTC)
  • No Yaxley?

    Spells- Imperious is damn useful. Reparo and accio...
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