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Photos of my new apartment (finally)

Photos of my new apartment (finally)

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sherlock.  not good?
  • Very nice home for you and Sevvie, I had no idea you were into rubber ducks. And yes a tie, banner and scarf seemed to subtly make their house affiliation known. Aaawesome.
    • I only took a picture of 'some' of the ducks. the ones with the bathrobes and whatnot are Murducks like my email address. I got rid of a lot of ducks when I moved though - about 20. They were inferior ducks (but I only have room for so many.) There is a giant one on the stand to the left of the Murducks.
      Thank you. I like our house and you can come visit sometime after you get back from Germany.
      I also have a Slytherin towel over the headboard now as well (I have never used it.) I thought Regulus would put something like that there to make it less subtle. ;^)
  • Your apartment looks wonderful!
  • Oooh, very nice! I l love the black chair - it made me think of the symbol of the Hallows, haha. Also the masks!
    • ah, well, of course we know the masks. 8^) The black chair is a George Nelson Coconut Chair. It is like the cloak. And if you sit in the chair you disappear!
  • Oh Wow, it's amazing *G* I love all your ducks and ties. So many cool collections :)

    • Thank you so much. yes, I collect a lot of things. X^I But it is ok - you can still walk and everything!
  • Oh, thank you for sharing so many photos of your new refuge! It is amazing... I loved looking at all your lovely objects :-)
    • Thank you so much dear Logos. They all mean something special to me, of course, and you are there too!
  • You've been busy. great kitchen!
    • Thank you so much! The kitchen is very small, but the space is used so well it is as if it were much bigger. I was so lucky! It was all set up in December though, for Mark to visit. 8^)
  • Lovely! The kitchen is especially nice :D
  • Your kitchen resembles ours, so many eclectic collections in there, definitely home.
    • Thank you very much. My kitchen is so handy and compact but complete. I'm glad to hear yours is as well. Yes, it is home. We had a lovely house blessing, with communion and everything!
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