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Professor Binns, casting Mors Mordre

Professor Binns, casting Mors Mordre

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sherlock.  not good?
I am not photogenic. but they took this photo at the con:

  • You look like a very powerful gentleman with a few rugged years of already casting Morsmordre.
  • I would say this is an excellent photo of you! Not photogenic, pfft.
    • And I just wanted to add, this photo really makes you look all ghosty
      • Thank you so much. Of course, we were all intending ghostliness, but I didn't have the makeup (perhaps I am scared of it) and they did a fair bit of work on this to make my complexion less lively.
  • OMG! You make a great Prof Binns!

    How did you get that> I dont have the contact for it.

    Edited at 2012-07-22 06:47 (UTC)
    • They emailed it to me. They liked it and wanted to use it in advertising for their photo services or something. I signed all kinds of releases.
  • Wow! You look fantastic!
    • wow, thank you so much. especially as your photography is so amazing. eep. that is quite the scary icon! 8^D
  • Wow! That is breathtakingly spectacular!
  • You look marvellous.
  • This is AWESOMENESS!

    Loving it!
  • Sure don't prove your opening statement! Great photo :D
  • That is magnificent! You look absolutely perfect for the part, the costume is wonderful... I can absolutely see why they'd want to use this photo.

    In case I have not made it clear, you are more than photogenic: you're AMAZING.
  • Oh that is wonderful, just wonderful!!!

    You look very stately.
  • What a fantastic photo! I had no idea Professor Binns was such a dapper dresser, but his clothes are positively squee-worthy! Thank you for sharing.
  • While looking through everyone's con pics on facebook, I saw you in this costume several times. I thought it was amazing, but I couldn't think of which ghost it was. Prof. Binns! I can't believe that I didn't realize. Lovely costume art!
  • What a fabulous look! Beautiful cosplay! *applauds*
  • Ooh! I love it! Great job on the costuming, too - I especially like the little details like the gloves and watch chain.
  • I already "liked" this on FB. It's breathtaking. I'm sure the photographers will get a ton of business from it.
  • That looks bloody amazing!
  • That came out wonderful! One of the better ones I've seen! er, the photo, I mean... though the spell is lovely, too. :D
  • that is completely awesome!
    and I disagree, you photograph very well for a ghost!
  • You look bloody fantastic in that, and they did a lovely job with the photography.

    BTW, friending you. Don't know why I didn't have you friended before now. *scratches head*
  • thanks for the add! This is purely amazing. Not even the photo - the costume itself. It must have taken a ton of time and effort. :) I especially like the hat and fingerless gloves...
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