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About Sev's wand material in How Severus Got His Wand

About Sev's wand material in How Severus Got His Wand

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sherlock.  not good?
as per my comment in torino10154's Wand discussion

How strange to see this after I wrote a wand story! I wish I had seen it first. Perhaps I would have selected Ash. Old power, Odin's staff, Ygdrasil. What was I thinking?

I found the three cores Ollivander used too limiting. There are so many magical creatures, so many more possibilities. I had Ollivander contemplating the wand's suitability to the owner's based on their physical qualities and what he could determine of their souls. Severus' concern for his soul - which I interpret as his 'being,' his self respect, his essence - was very telling to me. "That boy's soul is not yet so damaged... I would not have it ripped apart on my account" "And my soul, Dumbledore? Mine?" So I have taken this to be a key to him. I'll admit it: I sift everything. So the wood was mahogany, like James' as James looked like Sev in the traincar the first day, but well-cared for while Sev looked neglected. Dark rich complex wood. And for me it represents old expensive furniture - what Severus envied and desired, what he valued, the heritage he deserved but had not been given. There it was in his precious wand, an embodiment. Part of him! Magic means everything to him. And at his core, at the wand's core is unicorn hair. This is Christ, as has been pointed out - sacrifice, the scapegoat. But it is also virginity. Poor Severus. Hence Ollivander's look of pity. And his wand is longer than James'. ha!

Initially Ollivander tried thestral mane, thinking perhaps Severus' soul matched his appearance, but he was wrong. And dragon heartstring was not correct either.

The girl's wand was walnut, a lower grade hardwood used for floors and furniture of lesser quality. It is often trying to be something it is not. And the core was Augurey feather because, as the story pointed out, the bird like the girl moans plaintively and loudly at, well, nothing.
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