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Guilty Pleasures - S.N.A.R.C. (Snape Art Contest)

Guilty Pleasures - S.N.A.R.C. (Snape Art Contest)

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sherlock.  not good?

Nums! Severus has a secret! And they were expecting him!
Watch it being drawn HERE!
  • XD!!!!!!


    That is friggin' win. Case closed.
    • Sev:
      Stores them all in his robes and sneaks out.

      I love that program. It's fun to have a silly excuse to use it. no pressure, etc. And my boy can sure use some light-heartedness.
  • ooc

    Tee hee!
    • Re: ooc

      *laughs* these are so much fun to do. you are totally free to enter too if you like! it is very open.

      Sev: v--e--r--y reluctantly offers you a single creampuff.

      tchtch. He's like that.
      • Re: ooc

        The Doctor: *takes it happily* Why, thank you! *and offers up a banana, because you always bring a banana to a party!
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