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Sunday: Networking, a week late.

Sunday: Networking, a week late.

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sherlock.  not good?
Muse's Name: Severus Snape
Mun name / nickname: Denzil
Muse's Fandom: Harry Potter
Summary of Muse: Snape is foremost a wizard. He is also a misanthrope. I take him from the end of book six, and though Lily was his first friend and the one on whom he placed his hopes, and this means something to him, she and her memory are not his raison d'etre. He is perspicacious with a paranoia that he is socially awkward. He is a true double agent, loyal to both sides, believing in both and neither wholeheartedly and simultaneously, hence his name. I write him as a child, at school, as a young death-eater, as a teacher at Hogwarts, after book six. Everything but the time of the books. Severus was brilliant, talented and diligent. He had an unhappy home life. The Death-Eaters were his fellow Slytherin and his friends. He wanted to look up to Dumbledore. He wanted to look up to Voldemort. Though he thought it was impossible, he wanted a place among the purebloods and old families. He had wanted to be recognised and valued. He is numb, yet sensitive to insult or threat; patient and focussed with himself, tasks, plans, projects yet intolerant and impatient with (most) others. He is a combination of opposing extremes.

"So, I'm not sure exactly what you want from me. Chatter doesn't really attract me, though I will listen, remember, judge anything of greater consequence. I make potions. Are you interested in potions? No? How about the Dark Lord? How about Dumbledore and Hogwarts? Slytherin House? No? Then I probably don't care very much about whatever you do and less about what you have to say. But I will listen. It is remotely possible you have some interest in the Dark Arts or Defence against them. Power attracts everyone. Even if you don't think it's power. Even if it is control of such small things they are little to me, that is a desire for power. Very few people are interesting and even fewer are worthwhile. There. I said it."

But there was something I wanted besides that; something as simple as to ache in the literal heart and chest for all of us who have lost ourselves as parents lose children, to the horizon which is finally only overtaken in remorse and in death.

Journal Content / Warnings: I write Severus as a Death-eater at times, so there is violence and darkness. He can be depressive, ascerbic and intolerant with unpredictable prejudices both for and against.
Looking for: I am looking for... mutual discussion. I am looking for new friends and possibly RP. I am looking, albeit slightly idly, for a game that needs a Severus and a Rabastan - one that is not geared towards romance or a resolution of family. I am interested in reading your Snape, if you have one.
Any other information: Any interest or affinity I have for Snape comes from reading dien's stories and the_iscariot, whom I shall never rival. I am writing because I have stories demanding to be told and questions I still need to explore. Severus is in charloft and the panfandom rp community hogwarts_hocus. On insanejournal, he is in snapedom, snape100, snapelyholidays, and snapeartcontest. hogwarts_hocus and snapeartcontest are lighthearted and humourous. Often I just write stories. He roleplays with anomalywaiting, Rabastan Lestrange, though it would be wonderful to RP with others as well.

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