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Charloft. Munday. Character's names.

Charloft. Munday. Character's names.

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sherlock.  not good?
I did not name Severus, of course. But I selected a journal name.

I started his journal on InsaneJournal. One of the things I wanted to explore was his membership in the Deatheaters and his membership in the Order. Based on conversations, he was loyal to both simultaneously. He was a spy, drawing small instincts from within himself, and not lying, but amplifying them to make them into truths while hiding other truths. He was a halfblood, violently torn between his muggle father and his wizard mother from early childhood. It seemed to fit so perfectly. Love and hate for nearly everything, nearly everyone. Longing and revulsion.

Janus then - embodiment of dichotomy. His birthday was coincidentally in January as well! The more I thought about it, the more this position seemed to represent every aspect of his life.

The name was, to my mind, perfect.

When I found a need to start a journal on LiveJournal, the name Janus was taken, not surprisingly. True Janus, I suggested to my friend, but she asked why I did not simply say it in Latin. We talk often of Latin. Thus: methleigh. Besides, it rhymes and has a certain symmetry. I am still sorry it is not simply janus here, but there you have it.
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