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Charloft. Sunday. RP. Streetcorner advice booth.

Charloft. Sunday. RP. Streetcorner advice booth.

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sherlock.  not good?
This is not something he would ordinarily be doing, but as he has been forced into it, he ensures his booth is as tasteful as possible under the circumstances. It is a professional black, with small grey letters and a dark green cloth. It reads 'Advice. Reasonable Rates.' He maintains a certain rigidity of posture and expression to avoid looking uncomfortable. He has always tended to keep his own counsel.

Advice given for reasonable rates. Please ask, as you wish.
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  • Ohmygod, please forgive me.

    Severus! Darling. Please do forgive my intrusion on your little business; I'm certain you have been positively swamped with eager admirers. I have always thought, Severus, that behind those very pensive eyes and that charmingly greasy hair - it does fall in front of them so often, Severus, though I'm not complaining, it looks lovely! - crouched a knowledgeable sooth-sayer. Perhaps it is your quiet. Those whoa re quiet so often know things, don't you think?

    But oh, I do have a question for you! Severus, I am curious: what are your reasonable rates? At what price do you value your services?

    [OOC: No, for real, please forgive if am all being unnecessary here. XD Am all not a member and um... just... Dolohov has a will of his own sometimes? >.> Seriously just, y'know, kick me, kick him, whatever... He just wanted to say hi to Mr. Snape? ;) Ahhhh... yeah.]
    • How may I help you, Antonin? How lovely to find you here.

      [ooc: NONONO. No need to ask for forgiveness. eeeee! it is Dolohov! and his owl! No, Dolohov can talk to Sev WHENEVER HE WANTS. We are all delighted, even overjoyed!]

      Severus pushes his hair away from his forehead self-consciously, but it drops back to nearly the same position. There is clearly no one queued up to speak to him. "How good to see you, Antonin," He says smoothly and nods to the owl. "I see you do not lack for company, with your charming manners."

      The man is mad, but Severus values him among the Deatheaters for his inventiveness with dark magic. There is a certain sympathy, an instinct that perhaps he and Dolohov shared some trait or aptitude or vocation. He addresses the query. "My rates vary according to the nature of the advice desired and are negotiated on an individual basis. Was your question meely about the rates, or was that a prelude to a larger concern?"
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