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snape100 #278 Eye of the Beholder

snape100 #278 Eye of the Beholder

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sherlock.  not good?
Title: Perhaps You'll Make Your Real Friends

Severus incisively evaluated the new Death Eaters. Lucius, assuming his rightful place, was a young lord; Antonin a colleague; Bellatrix a dangerous fanatic; Regulus a prodigy; Mulciber, Avery and Nott fulfilled parental expectations. Some few, inbred, were soldiers to be led.

He found himself drawn to the younger LeStrange brother, who watched listening, thinking more than he said. His half-smile held a hint of weary knowingness. Severus felt himself judged, not with condemnation but curiosity.

He was intrigued, hungry to be known, to have a friend. Rabastan interested him in himself. Perhaps, after all, Severus could be a friend.
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