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Everythings's Eventual Application

Everythings's Eventual Application

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sherlock.  not good?
Out of Character
Name: Denzil
Contact Info: Severus' journal: methleigh
Main journal: john_h_holliday
AIM: mirorthauma
email: murduck@gmail.com
How did you find EE: I was looking for a Marauders Era Game in which I could play Snape and found an advertisement in a community while searching 'interests.' It was not the only such game, but it was the best one.

In Character
Name:> Severus Snape
Nicknames: None, damn it.
Birthday: January 9, 1960
Age: 18
Occupation: Public: Copy Editor for Magic Books
Private: Freelance Potion-maker for the Death Eater families
Allegiance: Public: states Neutral but everyone assumes Voldemort
Private: Voldemort usually first, Order (Dumbledore and the school) usually second

Appearance: (Think about distinguishing marks, manner of dress, build, etc.)
Severus has sallow skin, black greasy hair, a large hooked nose, opaque black eyes, an extremely thin build and average height. He does not take care of himself, preferring work to food or sleep. He has some scars beneath his clothing and the Dark Mark on his left forearm. He wears black clothing of extremely good quality, old fashioned and buttoned tight, and he wears a warm black cloak, pointed sturdy shoes, again with gaiters buttoned over them. His collar is high to protect and hide his throat, and his cuffs are long, obscuring his lower palms. The pureblood families for whom he works have clothed him. His hands are stained from potions with red blotches, and his fingers are long. His body is bony, his skin dry. His voice is trained and studied to oiliness, and his posture is carefully and rigidly erect. That is one Severus.

He also has a collection of carefully collected and hoarded punk clothes - Clash, Crass, political T-shirts with the sleeves ripped off. An army greatcoat for winter, an old army jacket again with the sleeves ripped off for summer. He has broken cracked Doc Martins, laced up scarlet, and he wears a handkerchief of the same colour tied around his forearm. He has a belt of brass bullet casings and studded cuffs. Then he slumps and snarls, sneers and reverts back to his old tough working accent. He carries a knife as well as his wand and sings in the mosh pits up to a scream, releasing his pain and hate and constriction with the muggles. He knows the code words and stands close to the fights in the back. He gains scars. They call him Sev. He fails to identify them twice in a row. They are all lost and he doesn't care. Free hate, free pain. Severus has a secret.

Personality: Brilliance, ambition, focus, determination, observation, silence, planning, independence, patience, loyalty (should he choose to give it), absolute truthfulness, Poverty, cruelty, depression, complete mistrust, intellectual arrogance, interpersonal inexperience, intolerance, lack of trust, lack of respect, anger

Severus has positive character attributes that are largely individual, and flaws that are largely social. He is possessive, jealous, angry, secretive, violent and elitist. But he is proud, sensitive, hard-working, and brilliant. But his pride has been continually attacked and threatened, and his sensitivity has come to be protected to the point where he refuses to acknowledge it except in defensive anger. He is proud within himself still and makes a point to always tell the truth. He does this by reaching inside himself to find true kernels of what his subject wishes to hear and will stretch that grain of sincerity to define his relationship. He is convincingly charming when he wishes to be, but any subject would be unlikely to hold his attention unless his cause needed him or her. He is afraid to let himself be vulnerable enough to want or need anything for himself. If it is for his cause - either cause, and he is utterly loyal to each individually - he can tell himself he has done his best nevertheless if he fails, and it will be absolutely true.

He was an abused child, both at home and at school. He learned to disappear very young. He hides his own heart within him. He is at one time nervous, startling easily, and at the same time still to the point of stony immobility. He can make himself seem small, hide, walk silently, breathe imperceptibly. He is adept at escape. But he does this by giving himself away, by disappearing within himself, by disowning pain, morality, hope or fear and separating himself from them. It is the root of his brilliance at occlumency, and conversely legilimency. It is what lets himself serve his Dark Lord, to be party to torture and murder without protest or harm. It is what allows him to offer himself, to friendship or torture. He is not there.

But personally, it leaks out. He is run through with fear, impatience, anger. He knows what he does and it sickens him. He hates himself even as he continues his activities with a twist of will. And he despises his fellows, at the same time longing for their company. He is jealous of those of the Order - chosen ones from any angle and he was not. No one has cared for him and no one has wanted him, except Lily, but he is well aware that was because he willed it. He is brilliant and knows it, inwardly arrogant and believes he should be wanted, cherished. But he is not and so he hates. And he never has been, so he anticipates being used and unwanted and hates in advance, ensuring it.

He holds love highest, but does not expect it and tries against all odds not to desire it. He fails and the result is jealousy of anyone who loves, is loved. He loves Voldemort, despite himself and desperately wants to love Dumbledore. He almost had friendship with Lily and because he did not he hates her, hates himself. He failed, and she was not good enough, betrayed him.

Anger also runs through him. A need for expression. He turns everything inside. The Death Eaters are a means to that, with the Dark Signs and terrorism. Part of him is glad and feels it as a release, as Dionysian revel, complete with carnage. And that is why he turns to the new punk movement as well. They understand him, born from poverty and deserving the chance to earn what they will never have, reacting with profanity and full throated rage. He loses himself in the muggle violence of early underground punk bands, as he loses himself in the Death Eaters violence.

Likes: Making and improving potions, Creating and improving spells, Occlumency, Legilimency, Punk rock, Drawing, Working, Learning, Watching, Listening, Walking, Spending time in natural settings, Evaluating people, Training especially in offence and defence, Exercise such as running and freeform calisthenics, Knowing people, Being known though he would never admit it, To love though he would hide that unto death, Above all being trusted and respected

Dislikes: Laziness, Revealing his positive feelings, Wasting time, Being questioned, Being interrupted, Public events, Being singled out in public, Working with others, Suddenness, Needing, Wanting, Having to trust, Being poor

Family Ties: None
Parents: Tobias and Eileen Snape
Siblings: None
Pets: An owl named Damon
Bloodline: Halfblood, from the pureblood Prince family on his mother's side
Family Interaction: (how your family got along, how your character grew up, ect) Severus' parents resent one another for their blood and both resent their son for bearing the heritage of the other. They are both abusive, both trapped, both drink. They are poor and poorly dressed. Severus learned to hide early. He has always been chastised for one and when he complied, chastised by the other. He has given up and learned to hate. No brilliance from him is ever acknowledged, no diligence ever rewarded. He is told with corresponding resentment and coldness, or anger and violence, that he is lazy and that he works to hard, that he is ungrateful and sycophantic, that he is too retiring and too proud, that he is inattentive or cowering. He is always told he is untrustworthy, useless, inattentive. He is thus careful to always know that he is loyal and contributing, always listening, and watching.

In the intervening time his mother has left his father who subsequently drank and neglected himself to the extent that he died of exposure the preceding winter. Severus has been left the house in Spinner's End. His father was occasionally warm and he remembers that. His mother has disappeared and he does not miss her at all.

Schooling: Completed, excellent grades.
School Attended:Cradley Heath Primary School, Cradley Heath
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Slytherin
Year of Graduation: June 1978

Best Subjects: In Defence against the Dark Arts and Potions he shone, but he was unattractive, dark and bitter enough that he never received any recognition for it. He applied himself both in school and in the breaks and did well in all his subjects.

Worse Subjects: Severus worked hard in school and did not do poorly at anything. He was impatient with the History of Magic class, not because of the subject but because of the lack of content detail. He studied History of Magic outside of class.

School Days: (what was school like for them? Were they popular? Just got by, etc.) Apart from access to materials and the library, Severus was disappointed in school. He had thought he would find a place there as a wizard equal to any other and be admired for his skill, which was admittedly prodigious. Instead he found his poverty, his mixed family and even his House, of which he was so proud, left him as much an outsider as he had ever been in his cast-off clothes at the muggle school.

He was never exactly popular, but he was Slytherin, and his ambition and bitterness, his resentment and experimentation with the Dark Arts were appreciated by his fellow house-mates, even though he was only a half-blood. He was of their culture. His skill was also clear and he was useful to them and later to their families.

He had no close friends, no one in whom he confided after Lily, and even with her he was more possessive than close, demanding and very much thinking himself her guide.

He hid and watched, spying and prying - they never knew when they would find him silent behind them in the shadows, watching and listening. He not only knew dark spells he practiced them on any who tormented him, from secret. He was dark, greasy, ambitious, and dangerous, yet so unique and arrogant he was both feared and hated. He was tormented and taunted from the first day on the train, and it only made him more bitter and hateful. Besides, he is still inclined to sneer and scowl.

Offence; defence; exploiting the library, stores and equipment; making connections with his house-mates and dedicated study. That was school for Severus.

Thoughts on the War:
Strangely Severus has little position on the war for being so dedicated and emphatic. He cares little to nothing for people as groups. They are all equally treacherous, vicious, stupid, trivial. He ties himself to individuals, to ambition. If Dumbledore had wanted him, protected him, cared, had a place for him, he would have knelt before him. As it is he is resentful and jealous, but there is a core within him that still wants that. Voldemort and the Death Eaters have given him a place. They value him for his skill, praise him, pay him, even court him. He is grateful to be used, to be a tool for any cause. After Lily's betrayal, he has nothing but chance. When a chance was offered, he took it. He is grateful. He loves. The revolution will change the world and he will be a key; he will be great. Voldemort wants him, and he is loyal, true, his eyes almost offering trust. Almost. His heart is hidden, wrapped tight almost from Severus himself. Almost. It leaks out to his eyes sometimes. The others see him as a favourite pawn, or a dog at Voldemort's heels, or next to his footstool. Severus sees that as well, but he serves and relaxes into place and non-being. Pawn sacrifice. Severus is ready.

Third Person Sample:

Severus used his time. He was brilliant, and his parents' lives were beneath him - sordid and mired in the filth of their resentments with one another. He was caught between them - muggle to his wizard mother, wizard to his muggle father. Often he heard them arguing over him.

"That son of yours!"

"That son of yours!"

Had he tried to please one, he would have angered the other. But he had long since lost interest in either of them. They were not stupid, though he often shouted it at them in his head. But brilliance was nothing when sifting through a charity basket was an event and there was rarely anything better produced to eat than tea and toast with tinned beans, or cold beans and bread if Eileen was feeling especially disinclined. Tobias worked hard, when he worked, but he was just a day-labourer and never aspired to be more. Severus could never be modest enough to mollify harsh Tobias, nor fey enough to impress stolid jaded Eileen.

He could have turned her dirty sheets to softly draping silks and her cracked mugs to crystal and her eyes would neither have softened nor hardened, and it all would have been twisted to ruin within a week.

None of it was good enough for a quicksilver young man, run through with the insight and intelligence Eileen had given up and the diligence and patience Tobias put towards nothing.

So Severus used his time, nothing wasted. He wanted everything. He wanted to be recognised, to have fine things he deserved. He wanted to be able to know and to do, to wrest as much as possible from the world. He watched everyone, learning them, learning how to be, learning what they felt, until the small gestures became revelatory. He listened to a transistor muggle radio his father had given him to hide secret from his mother - a rare shared smile between them - and practiced speaking with it until he lost the slurred tones and words of his sad muggle town. He seized small words and phrases in the few books of Eileen's she still had - her old school books - until he understood how words became more than themselves, powerful as iceberg-points of symbols, forms. And even before he had entered Hogwarts, he worked at learning, moving through the books, memorising, practicing, experimenting, recording, until he was soaring beyond them, building, improving, inventing.

When that happened, his eyes lit unguarded, when he was alone and he could almost taste success. Somehow, if he could be good enough, he knew he could become more. He could have respect, decent clothes. He could change the world when he had found someone to see what he could do. And he strove to become ever better, to have more to show and give.

The muggle children were nothing. His parents were nothing, telling him when his eyes shone that his secrets were dross and he thought himself above his station. He endured, strove and learned to hide. He would be a Prince.

Sample from another RP:
Older adult Severus hiring an assistant in the Hospital Wing
Older adult Severus meeting a ghost child
Teen Severus speaking to Regulus at school after summer vacation
Teen Severus on the Hogwarts Express platform.
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