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snape100 #279 Random Quotes

snape100 #279 Random Quotes

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spiral stair to the dungeons (negative)
Title: Reputation
Quote: 2. Gain a modest reputation for being unreliable and you will never be asked to do a thing. -Paul Theroux (1941 - )

Among young men born and trained to recognise and manipulate status, Severus was keenly aware how fragile a thing was reputation. He fed his carefully, exceeding all expectations, adopting every suggestion or task from Abraxas or his Dark Lord, stopping short only of servility - also disaster.

It was a reaction of near-paranoia. He was defensive, sensitive to any suspicion or slight.

The others had families and pride of place. He could not afford to fail anything, lest he find himself cast into a void of inactive purposelessness. He toiled, often sleeplessly, in the dungeons to bolster his right to work.
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