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Polishing his Wand

Polishing his Wand

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Title: Polishing his Wand
Author: Janus: methleigh
Characters and Pairings: Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, ___ Nott
Rating: PG-13
Challenge #280: The Lusty Month of May.
Word Count: 100
Warnings: Suggestion of auto-stimulation
Notes: Still writing gen here... poor wee Sev.

In May the dormitory became restless with expectancy. Soft movements and muffled gasps kept the room alive. Waking early, Severus observed Nott's elbow moving rhythmically, his other arm steady, close to his body. The younger boy could not quite see. It was strange.

"What's he doing?" Severus asked as they dressed.

"He's polishing his wand." Lucius moved his head dismissively.

"But that seems a good idea."

Severus approached Filch for supplies - wax, oil, fine steel wool, soft cloth. Soon his own elbow was energetically pumping in the mornings. The wood of his wand became smooth as glass, reflecting even moonlight.
  • XD Oh dear, Nott... And Severus gets a pat on the head. D'aw...

    And got to say, very nice on the fact that was much 'XD' for the first bit but was still pretty 'well, damn' at the tone in the end. lurvely that ye worked the two together in that small a space, yo. O_o
    • Lil!Sev: looks up in surprise!

      Wow, thank you so much for commenting and reading too! I'm trying hard to have plot in these drabbles. From Dien's writing workshop, someone said that in a story the character ought to change. So I try to put that in, or have a small twist on the prompt or turn a situation about on itself. I tend towards description and justification, so I'm trying hard for 'stories.'

      Do you want a dreamwidth code?

      Is your address the same Minneapolis one as at Christmas? I'm going to make a concerted effort on Monday...

      • The-reading is the-fun. :D And you may color (or colour, it you're feeling Britishtc.) me impressed, yar.

        Actually, if you wouldn't mind, would be kind of snazzy? I've not checked it out much, but as it seems to be the place to which many are running... we-ell, color-colour me intrigued on that one. But whatevs works? I have no idea how often I update anything. particularly of late, apparently.

        And 'tis the same, yar, though you know... um... whatever works? I WILL KEEP SAYING THAT OH FOREVER >.> WHEEEE.
        • I will private message it to you right nao! I think... John will invite you.

          Dreamwidth is shiny. I really like it.
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