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snape100 #284 Random Word (the Third)

snape100 #284 Random Word (the Third)

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sherlock.  not good?
Title: Inertia
Character(s): Severus
Pairing(s): None
Rating: G
Warning(s): None. *edit: Exhausting, even Sisyphusian*
Challenge(s): snape100 #284 Random Word (the Third)
Word count: 100
Author's notes: My word was obviously 'inertia.'

Inertia was his enemy. Most followed its lead as if it were the pied piper. They whiled away their waking hours in sports rivalries or trading... paramours. Those working seriously tended to be still more firmly grasped by Severus' arch enemy, cramming themselves with rote and the obvious curriculum.

Severus mind was quicksilver. Rather than succumbing to secure relaxing absorption of coursework, he wrested usefulness from it, teased it, bent it, broke it, used it as a springboard for his aerial cartwheels of innovation.

To him inertia provided a touchstone. While he was challenging it, conquering it, he was justified.
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