July 24th, 2010

flying (snarc)

Convention Update July 14!

I will do this by days.

And I will post about California later.

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Here are irishlass69, droxy and sabrebabe with lil!sevvie. He was so happy to meet them!

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If you would like any of my pictures larger or untouched, please let me know. I've not done anything beyond cropping, colour-correction and sharpening.
sherlock.  not good?

Convention Update July 15!

The first true day of the con we all gathered for breakfast. It was a great to start the day with food and friendly company to catch up with our exciting times.

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In the hallway by the common room I first met dear logospilgrim! What a joyous moment! lil!sevvie had something special for her, and here she is holding him so tenderly. How wonderful and special for a little Snape.

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