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slytherin100 Free-for-all: Coin

slytherin100 Free-for-all: Coin

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Spinner's End
"Silent magic" (Severus, G, Word 100)
Title: Silent Magic
Character(s): Severus
Pairing(s): (If applicable)
Rating: G
Warning(s): None
Challenge(s): Free-for-all: Coin
Word count: 100
Author's notes: None

Eileen had grudgingly handed him a pound note. "Beans and cigs. Mind you bring back every extra penny. I'll be counting."

But his pockets were torn. One hand for the tin, one for packet and change.

Tobias waited on the porch. "Where've you been, boy?"

Severus jogged jerkily, dropped the coin, watched it roll beneath the step. Sixpence. There it shone, beyond his fingertips. His eyes darted to Tobias, who forbade magic with violence.

Accio. Accio. Accio coin. Wandless, desperate, he willed. It rolled back to nudge his bare toe. He thanked the stars he had not yet started school.
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