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Severus Snape's 50th Birthday!

Severus Snape's 50th Birthday!

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sherlock.  not good?

Sign-ups open until June 30!

There is half a month left for sign ups, time enough to spread the word and invite your friends.

Sign ups are open for writers, artists/artisans and betas/cheerleaders.
This isn't a traditional big bang, we are open to almost anything. We want for our birthday boy to have a resounding bang of your creativity as a gift, no matter which genre or ship you prefer.

So, please read the Rules and our steadily growing FAQ, and sign up.

The sign up posts can be found here:

For fic: Writer sign up page

For art and crafts: Artist and artisan sign up page

For betas and cheerleaders: Beta and cheerleader sign up page

Though you may not have time or inclination to sign up to write, do artwork, or make something special, we enthusiastically welcome betas and cheerleaders!
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