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Where They Come

Where They Come

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sherlock.  not good?
Title: Where They Come
Author: [info - personal] janus
Characters: unknown
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Warnings: smut? tentacles?
Summary: A simple description of a trysting spot
Challenge: Saturday Night Drabbles

They always came together by the lake where the bushes rose to hide them. They had crushed the reeds beneath them so often they became a bed, springing under them, creaking wholesomely. They could never decide which time of day they preferred. In the afternoon the sky expanded widely above them, interrupted by insects buzzing curiously. Occasionally the squid drifted near to confirm their presence, reaching tentacles to gently touch their moving backs. But at night the warmth of sun lingered aromatically in the water, earth and air. The stars came out. They set wand-lights to float magically around them.

Prompt from Sunny33: A couple has found somewhere different to shag. Describe the place in 200-300 words, using NO adjectives. Poetry and dialogue alone not allowed.

This is only 100 words, but there are no adjectives!
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