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Whisked from Death (Saturday Night Drabbles)

Whisked from Death (Saturday Night Drabbles)

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sherlock.  not good?
Title: Whisked from Death
Author: [info - personal] janus
Characters: Sirius, other characters unlisted for surprise value.
Rating: G
Word Count: 300
Warnings: silly. remember that these Saturday Night Drabbles are funny challenges and not what I would usually write. canon character deaths. Dark Magic.
Summary: Sirius escapes the veil and is thrown forward in time into an awkward situation.
Challenge: Saturday Night Drabbles

It was his cousin's spell that had thrown him through the veil. He tried to pull away, to wander into the new strange dream-world, as blank-faced and impelled as the other souls. Bellatrix moved about the true world, but something in her wand left him pressed up against veil's boundary. It was a long, timeless existence, waiting to be dead, not permitted to be alive.

Power then. One day there was a surge, and he felt himself thrown from the veil, but still controlled, as if he were a puppet whisked suddenly from its box into a velvet theatre. No, not velvet. Everything was dust-coloured. He faced a backdrop of books. No. He spun and saw: there a distinct black, there a rich emerald, there an angry red. Clothing.

The world resolved into focus, but he had no idea where he was. Bellatrix was unfolding another powerful spell, and some miscalculation had dragged him from death. Just in the nick of time, apparently. Snape and Narcissa were... what? Pledging troth? Enacting some stupid Death Eater rite? He flung himself at the clasped hands. "Traitor!" he spit. "Traitor! I'll stop you! I will!"

Fire leapt from Bellatrix's wand just as he spoke, wrapping his hands and arms together with Snape's and Narcissa's. It was red hot, binding, burning - barbed wire infused with Dark Magic. Everyone was nonplussed. The silence rang. He had spoken with Snape, at the same time. "I will."

"Jinx!" He almost wanted to cry, but that was ridiculously childish. The one who spoke next would take a vicious punch in the arm.

"Really?" Snape lifted a brow. "So... you will take on Draco's task if he fails, and are bound to protect him to death."

That was how Sirius Black came to kill Albus Dumbledore.

Author's Note: Kindly beta'd by astopperindeath.
Saturday Night Prompt from ApollinaV: Sirius didn’t die. The curtained portal propelled him forward in time. He reappears at a very inopportune moment of your choice. Bonus points for extra awkwardness.
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