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Sorting Cat Drabbles

Sorting Cat Drabbles

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sherlock.  not good?
Author: [info - personal] janus
Recipient: wyomingnot
Prompt: Snape/anyone. timing. temerity. Tupperware.
Word count: 100
Rating: none

Severus bent, frowning, to the first years' scrolls. None of them read their books beforehand. None. He blinked. Two stood out, written cheekily in rainbow-coloured ink. Fred and George Weasley.

Someone knocked. "Enter."

"Excuse me, sir. My father discovered these containers. They have snap-down lids to keep food fresh. You could use them for your potion ingredients, sir. To preserve them. Look - different colours!"

"You have the temerity to disturb me with this muggle rubbish? Plastic? PLASTIC? Do you have any idea how that would taint even the simplest material? GET OUT!"

Percy's timing could not have been worse.

Recruitment Strategies
Author: [info - personal] purplefluffycat
Recipient: verus_janus
Prompt: A cheery merry Gellert breaks out of Nurmengard in '79 luring Snape and Abraxas to his cause.
Word count: 108
Rating: Um, PG-13 for implications, perhaps?


The manor's drawing room was dark and foreboding; it's crackling fireplace barely emitted warmth. No, to Severus, the only source of light was the stranger lounging in the wingbacked chair - golden curls a halo, smile a crescent moon.

“A little more wine, Abraxas? I have so missed it.”

Their host poured graciously. “I do hope you'll stay with us awhile, Herr Grindelwald. It is indeed a privilege to welcome Prussia's future ruler.”

The stranger chuckled. Glancing at Severus: “The dark haired boy is a delight. And I hear that your son is equally lovely. May I?”

Abraxas smiled, home and dry. “Please do.”
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