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Advent Drabbles: Dec.1 House Unity Candles

Advent Drabbles: Dec.1 House Unity Candles

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sherlock.  not good?
Title: House Unity Candles
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing/Characters: Snape, Dumbledore
Rating: G
Words: 150
Prompt: Red Candles

It was Severus' first year teaching and he was not yet secure in his position, despite the vows he had sworn to Dumbledore. Apparently part of the obligatory camaraderie at Yuletide was partaking in the jollity of the Headmaster's Secret Santa exchange.

The brightly coloured bags, topped with fluffy tissue paper enticingly crowded one of the festooned end tables while they all sipped tea and nibbled cakes and sweets.

"Lemon, and sugar, just as you like it." His blue eyes twinkled at Severus as he poured.

He was shy and took the last bag left. It was red and yellow candles. "Gryffindor!" the Headmaster cooed. "A tribute to House unity."

Severus was socially nudged into a compliment. "There is... er... a spiderweb pattern. Spiders... er... kill noxious insects."

"Light it! Light it! Lets see it all lit up!" came the chorus.

Obediently he did so with a soft reluctant, "Fuego."
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