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Rec? From me? Yes! The Janus Rose.

Rec? From me? Yes! The Janus Rose.

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Alright. I rarely rec anything because reccing means I am not reccing something else. But this story is so amazing I urge you all to run to read it. I did not write it, despite the title. It's got... everything a good story should. It's got absolutely original symbolism, imagery, allusion, characterisation. It is complex, lyrical. It's just... amazing. I tried to comment but I couldn't really say enough and I was stilted... Go! Read!

The Janus Rose

It is the latest entry in the Severus' Shorts birthday celebration.
  • Hee. i read it. Comment anyway, just say your reallyenjoyed reading it and it's perfect. =)
    • *grins* I did comment, but I didn't really do it justice. 8^( It's amazing.

      May little sevvie be your friend on IJ?

      Also, there is a way to make a tall pointy felt hat. It could be similar to this, but it can be made more pointy, one can preserve the brim shape, etc. Tall pointy hat unfortunately stencilled. When you ready to do the hat we could talk. I haven't done it, but I remembered my friend talking about it, and I got the story again. It was a fun thing to do in the 60s.
      • Oh I know how to make a tall pointy hat. =). Its buried in my archives when I did Ollivander. Have you seen my profile page? I've made a witch hat. Not felt either. You can make one. there is a pattern for it. =)

        I dont see why little sevvie is shy =). I dont do much with IJ. I'm mostly on LJ
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