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oh rllly?
Title: Dragon-Tamer
Author: janus
Rating: G
Characters: Charlie, assorted Wesleys
Word Count: 150
Warnings: obvious
Challenge: Saturday Night Drabbles
Prompt/Summary: from sunny33: Charlie describes why he chose to work as a dragon-wrangler.
Author's Note: Thank you kindly to ladyinthecloak for being my beta.

You know our family, with its aura of happy good-natured chaos. Bill was oldest. He was always most responsible. He wanted to enter the world of banking and to understand the realities of money. We never had any. He was studious and hard-working, for all his free open-handedness.

And I? I had five younger brothers and sisters, all wizards. It should come as no surprise that I should turn my hand to the Care of Magical Creatures. There is an impish adventurous side to all of us - true Gryffindors. What is more exciting than dragons? We created fireworks together almost as soon as we could walk. Here was natural, magical fire, and the challenge and active daring made dragon-work an obvious career choice. When I heard of an opening, I almost held my breath, scarcely able to believe such a perfect profession could be mine. I've been successful!
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