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scytheandroses' Antonin makes a Valentine!

scytheandroses' Antonin makes a Valentine!

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older weary earnest
Title: none
Author: scytheandroses
Rating: G
Characters: Antonin, his Valentine
Word Count: 290
Warnings: a little blood
Gift: this one is from scytheandroses for me!

All in all, Antonin was pleased with his work. It was red, and it was white, and it looked just as a lacy heart was supposed to look. Not like a real heart, oh no. Antonin knew that a real heart looked nothing like this. Antonin had seen real hearts before, but real hearts went poorly with lace, and no valentine could be complete without lace.

His sister had always said so. And she knew. She had taught him to make valentines, her fingers guiding his, her eyes watching as he matched cut the paper, the lace, as he pasted the lace carefully around the edges. Always paste, and always scissors. She had insisted. And always red. Her face had gone white at the sight of his attempt at a blue valentine, and she had burned the aberration then and there. "You must do this properly, Antonin. You must treat your valentines with respect, or they mean nothing." So always red.

She was gone, long gone, but he had made this valentine properly. He had found lace, old lace--lace with history--but still white lace, and he had cut it, and he had pasted it. And it was beautiful.

He didn't notice that he had cut his fingers--his fingers had forgotten how to use scissors--that the paper had become stained in one spot and another and another. He didn't notice that the lace wasn't quite even. He had seen at first, had decided to correct the error, but the error slipped from his mind just as quickly, and then the valentine looked beautiful.

Now he offered the valentine, hand extended. Because valentines, when made with respect, were made to share. Antonin smiled. "Happy Valentine's Day, dear Severus."
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