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Marc Chagall's Above the Town - February Snape Art Contest

Marc Chagall's Above the Town - February Snape Art Contest

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sherlock.  not good?
I've done two versions of this one. I liked it without the cartoon caption better. But it also pleases me to make cartoons. Alas, Artpad would not save it, so there is sadly no opportunity to watch it draw itself. Curses! That is the wonderful thing about Artpad. I feel cheated!

  • LOVE the buttons, and both his features and fingers remind me of Little Snapey. :)

    (not that I'm obsessing on a do- um, an action figure, mind you)
    • aw, Little Snapey thanks you. He hopes He can have as many buttons some day. It is not surprising it looks like him though, because both of them are the Snape I visualise. Or maybe Little Snapey is now always my subconscious model. He is always close in my thoughts here.
  • Both are equally great. With the captions, you do tend to focus on those "little irritations", but without the captions, you can center in on his lovely feet, the peaceful expression on his face and his graceful hands.

    I need to get over to the contest before it is over. I know we were supposed to start the contest up this month, but I have been distracted by RL. I'll email you with some ideas and maybe we can talk to Sylvana for a March theme.

    • Oh, thank you so much. He feels so graceful and peaceful, and your words help me to see this in him. <3 I hope you can do an entry, for I love your pictures so much. I have been somewhat captured by real life too, alas, but hopefully it will calm soon. Please email me if you wish. I will look forward to it. It will be fun and have that spcial gentle humour.
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