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To Another's Garden

To Another's Garden

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Title: To Another's Garden
Author: janus
Rating: G
Characters: Severus, Poppy
Word Count: 387
Warnings: none
Gift: this one is for 00sevvie
Prompt/Summary: Severus, as a teacher, revisits an area of the school where there was once a garden.
Author's notes: This is for 00sevvie's Poppy/Severus world. See Bad Patient

Severus knelt in the soft dirt. He could spell his robes clean afterwards. It was the little garden Rabastan had kept. He had come back to teach and now realised there were so many small things he had missed - familiar things. This was his home, in so many ways, and the reminders of his Slytherin brothers - the lost brothers - eased him here. He was dry with mourning, and the growing shoots were hope and comfort. Rabastan had planted them, and they lived on. The little bay tree had grown. He cleared away the grass and weeds. He watered it with a soft reverent spell. It was as if something of his brother was the tree. It was as if caring for it, he was caring for his brother.

He sat back on his heels and looked at his work.

There was a rustling of starched cotton behind him and a smell of peaches. He turned his head, not quite startled, but beginning to resent the end to his quiet communion.

"I've brought you some pie from the kitchens. You've been working out here for hours. I can't help but admire your dear little garden."

"Madame Pomfrey." He rose.

"Now that you are a teacher here, you must call me Poppy."

"Yes, ma'am.... Yes, Poppy. You may... you may call me Severus. Thank you for the pie." No one here called him Severus.

"Do you know, watching you working here in this garden, I noticed you smiling as you never did in your student days."
  • ::smooches::

    A lovely moment of tranquillity.
  • Awww. Poppy and Severus are dears. I'll always associate Poppy and the smell of peaches now, look what you've done. ;)
  • Most people never look to see his tender side, but you really pull the best from Severus. Lovely.
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