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moo cards for infinitus

moo cards for infinitus

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sherlock.  not good?

  • Very nice! Thanks for the reminder too, I have to find my moocards from last year. I had mine made with my LJ icon.

    Lovely mask on the middle one. I love the Snape doll, where on earth did you get it *G*

    • I made him! 8^) He has a little life. My mask isn't finished yet. it needs a little sanding, more silver, some bronze on the leaves and runes. But I wanted it for the cards anyway.

      I am thinking of making some buttons maybe. Are they something I could give to people? I hear people give out thingies at cons. Is that right?

      Best wishes! I must sew a cloak too. Eep! So much to do, so much to make!
      • That is so cool! You should make them and sell them *G*

        Oh yes people give out buttons, pencils, stickers, Snape candy. Qui made Snape nose soap last year, I've seen fortune cookies with Snape fortunes inside. All kinds of clever things. I've done stickers and buttons.

        At least you can sew, I have to hire it done. Although it's kind of a good thing because all I'd ever do was make costumes *G*

        Your mask is looking great so far *squees*

  • Skeletal Severus still makes me so sad, but if I recall, he has Draco to take care of him. I forgot about that lovely sheep and, as always, little Sevvie looks so beautiful. I love to see how everyone makes their masks - I tried, but they never came out as good as yours (and Dixiebell's ). Hope you all have a great time at Infinitus!
  • ~waves at little!Snapey~

    These look fab! What are moo cards?
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