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Infinitus pre-post

Infinitus pre-post

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simply lil!sevvie
Dear friends,
I have been amazed at Infinitus. I encountered warmth and welcome beyond anything for which it would have occurred to me to hope. The sense of peace was deep and unexpected. Your photos invoke such happy moments! I will post about the convention soon, with all the photos. I will have a shining new computer tomorrow. (The former one was irrecoverable (get applecare.)) Then I will be able to download the photos from my phone (how often I wished I had brought my camera with the flash!) I will write more of my experiences very soon as well.
Pax Vobiscum.
  • Post of happy-excellence. :D (And shall look forward to hearing further, aye.)
  • I so enjoyed meeting you. Wish we had more time together! Everything was so hectic at the con. But I enjoyed your Snape doll and your costume :-) *hugs
  • *smooches

    Miss you!!!!
  • I'm looking forward to your news. Con-envy is much more bearable with lovely reports and lots of picspam.
  • It was wonderful meeting you! I'm glad you're back safe and sound and blissed out :)
    A shiny new computer is always a wonderful thing... I must find an excuse to get one too, LOL.
    Looking forward to seeing your pics.
  • Oh, goodness, I can hardly wait to read about your experiences and see the pictures, my dearest one! What a blessed time we shared; I shall treasure those moments forever ♥
  • It was nice to get to hang with you too.

    Love Sonia :)
  • So glad you made it home safely. Hope your cough is better. Enjoyed your company very much this week. Hugs. It was lovely finally putting a face and a person to an online friend.
  • It was amazing meeting you in person! I'm so glad that you had a good time!! :D
  • SQUEEEE!!!! You made my con so much better. =)
  • It was a pleasure to spend time with you.
  • It was so nice to meet you :) I can't wait to see all your pics.
  • It was great to meet you!
  • Thought I should share a photo I took with Little Snape and Stopper. :) http://pics.livejournal.com/loopey_lovegood/pic/000022qc/
  • It was so lovely to meet you and that awesome Snape!doll. I so wants me one of my own. Looking forward to all the picspam.
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