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Convention Update July 14!

Convention Update July 14!

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flying (snarc)
I will do this by days.

And I will post about California later.

I left for California on the eighth, came back on tenth. On the eleventh my computer gave up the ghost irrecoverably, and I took it into the shop and arranged elsewhere to borrow another for the trip. I also went to Julie's to check the fittings of my robes. The next day I picked them up, repacked hurriedly, and left again for Orlando on an overnight flight. Quite a whirlwind!

I met kyriaofdelphi at the airport, and we checked in at the hotel, then went to Whole Foods. kyriaofdelphi got something in her eye, and we met a few of the others briefly, but went to bed early. That was the thirteenth.

The hotel had healthy breakfasts with lots of protein, fibre and fruit, and all my friends staying at the hotel were able to eat together, to meet and talk. It was very friendly and congenial. I was so excited to meet them, after talking online for such a long time! We spent the morning taking care of kyriaofdelphi's eye. By noon, she had rinsed out the irritant and I arranged to go to the park with condwiramurs and her mother. We met at Honeydukes. The colours of the shop are beautiful, and it is filled with sweets from the books. A lot of them consist of more chocolate than I could comfortably eat. The Sugar Skulls were beautiful but, alas, impractical. Honeydukes is connected to Zonko's Joke Shop. I got Chocolate Frogs, Bertie Bott's Every Flavoured Beans, a Sneakoscope, and a container of yarrow fortune sticks, and a Felix Felicis T-shirt. Very exciting!

Here is condwiramurs with the shopping basket in front of the liquorice machine. It is a man with liquorice for hair, cut by small house elves when one insets a coin, the liquorice is cut for you and falls down a little chute.

I then called droxy, for she had said she would explore the park with irishlass69 and sabrebabe in the afternoon. I had not met them before, but when I saw them, they were so warm and welcoming and wonderful it was like the sun at once. It can be meaningful talking through journals, but the reality can be even better! I was feeling very sad, but as soon as I met them I just beamed!

Here are irishlass69, droxy and sabrebabe with lil!sevvie. He was so happy to meet them!

Here is droxy with lil!sevvie and me.

Here is a photo of the Hogwarts castle, from across the water. Please use it if you wish, for background or any other purpose.

We took a boat back to the hotel at suppertime. I registered for the convention, then returned to my own hotel to change. I was to meet condwiramurs and her mother for dinner and I put on my new Death Eater T-shirt and my Dark Mark, both of which pleased me enourmously. We ate in a bar-style restaurant at the con hotel, and I had fish and chips. They were wonderful. Afterwards condwiramurs and I were able to spend a little time together, and we took the boats back to City-Walk, a type of cement boardwalk with restaurants, shops, shows and a few rides.

Here is condwiramurs with lil!sevvie and a huge dragon near the registration desk.

Here is lil!sevvie encountering some surprisingly inert action-figures. He thought they might have something in common, but alas...

Here is condwiramurs with lil!sevvie on the carousel at City-Walk. He loves to ride carousels. Something about it just warms his little heart.

If you would like any of my pictures larger or untouched, please let me know. I've not done anything beyond cropping, colour-correction and sharpening.
  • We did indeed have a grand time!

    It seems strange to come back to "real life" but then alas we must.

    I have been trying to get caught up about the house and I wrote a rather angsty drabble series.

    • It was brilliant! I can scarcely believe I am back in real life, even now! I've been writing a little in my head...
  • Thank you for sharing. Looking at others' pictures makes the regrets of not being there less acute. I hope you had a wonderful time.
    • Aw, it would have been so nice to meet you. Thank you so much for looking at the pics. 8^)
  • It was awesome we got to hang out for a bit. We were bad ass DE's weren't we ;)

    Love Sonia :)
    • Yes, we were exemplary DE's. We recruited many and got up to amazing hijinks (I've seen your pics!) <3
  • Oh, goodness, thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures, most beloved! I can hardly wait to read about the rest of your Infinitus experiences ♥

    *tender robed embrace*
    • Oh, thank you so much for looking at them, and for reading too! And thank you for all your kind comments. I am just beginning to answer them all. I finished your books today from your talk. They helped my heart to feel quiet. And they were inspiring. I am thinking many things, and I think I may write... ♥
      • God bless you for your kind words, my dearest one... I shall be very much looking forward to your own scribblings!
  • LIL Sev was a blast. I am so glad you called us at the park. More fangurls = more fun! This post is strange to me, I rarely see droxy pics...HEEEEE. Good times!
    • It was amazing, seeing you at the park! And I am so glad I was able to meet you as Droxy before your characters. I am so lucky! I gave lil!sevvie a bath, so I just got him back today, from drying. I missed him!
  • It was good to meet you! Looks like you had a blast! I loved that licorice machine...
    • It was wonderful to meet you as well! Fellow Death Eaters! How novel for me! How excellent! And your costumes were amazing.
  • It was wonderful to finally get to meet you. Thanks for hanging out with us *squeezes* I didn't get to meet baby Sevie *pouts*.

    I was thrilled to get to see your mask too, I was very impressed and I can't wait to try out the kind of paint you use. It really looked awesome!

    • I loved the paint on Your masks! It was much more metallic and varied. I was very very impressed! Wow! Another time you will meet lil!sevvie, for I'm sure there will be more times. Aw, I wish I had introduced you! I was so excited to meet you, and though the time was short, it was brilliant being a Death Eater with you.
  • Everything looks so fun! I'm so glad for the time we had together, even if it seemed too short. <3 <3 <3
    • Aw, I am so happy I was able to meet you. I'm sorry the time was so short, but lil!sevvie was just... overjoyed. He loves you so much. Everything WAS fun. And Quiet and meaningful too. <3
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