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Convention Update July 15!

Convention Update July 15!

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sherlock.  not good?
The first true day of the con we all gathered for breakfast. It was a great to start the day with food and friendly company to catch up with our exciting times.

Here are dickygloucester, deemichelle, and pythiadelphi.

Here are sc010f and somigliana, again at breakfast. I will admit I was still a little shy.

annietalbot had been kind enough to get me some shampoo, and when I visited her suite to pick it up they showed me the wonderful box clairvoyant12 had sent! It was the Snape Dental Care Kit! Lil!sevvie and I were overjoyed. I spent some years writing about Doc Holliday, and we are both keen fans of any dental or tooth-related matters! How exciting for us!

Here is lil!sevvie in the box, inspecting.

I wore my Death Eater things, for the anticipated Welcoming Feast. The cloak is silk and pachmina, but Florida is so hot that it actually made very little difference and I was able to wear it as comfortably as anything else. I loved to be a Death Eater with other Death Eaters. I loved to have a mask, cloak, boots and especially Dark Mark. It was wonderful. I thought I never wanted to wear anything else again.

Here I am, so clothed, with lil!sevvie. I apologise for the slightly blurry picture.

In the hallway by the common room I first met dear logospilgrim! What a joyous moment! lil!sevvie had something special for her, and here she is holding him so tenderly. How wonderful and special for a little Snape.

After this it was time for the Welcoming Feast, which was a fine buffet with Mexican food. It was delicious and I was very impressed by the food, but also the organisation of the hotel staff. I ate with others from our hotel.

The dancing lessons for the set dancing before the ball was also held in the afternoon. I was particularly pleased that I was able to do this. It was also at this activity that I met the wonderful beluthian for the first time! He was Snape that afternoon, and it was so satisfying to finally, not only dance lead without complaint, but to have his company, as well as droxy's, also as Snape! I have always wanted to learn to dance something properly, and the opportunity had never presented itself, save at my once-upon-a-time Cornish dancing endeavours. We learned to dance reels, which we called 'processionals' in the old dance group. It was simple memory and formula, which was a great relief, as my rhythm is poor. I had a wonderful time. Someone made off with my ash wand during this session, but I know several other people who lost precious objects as well. Sometimes such things happen.

I did not go to any programming on Thursday. Instead, I was lucky enough to spend more time with droxy, irishlass69, and sabrebabe. I learned so much, not just from what they wished to impart, but by the example of their manner and organisation and the way they interacted with others at the con. And they communicated in such a linear yet warm way that I was enchanted and felt at home at once. There was no small talk or need for it (which I fear more than a gunfight.)

Here is droxy as The Spirit of Snape with a Moaning Myrtle. I am sorry - I do not know her name.

Here is irishlass69 as Hermione mourning droxy as dead!Snape. I think of this photo as Pre-Raphaelite. How beautiful! How fortunate I was to see this moment and take this photo!

Here is droxy as dead!Snape, watching you. I think the expression haunting, aside from the literal meaning of this.

Here are irishlass69 and droxy as Vacation Hermione and Vacation Snape, respectively. How lil!sevvie wanted a photo of himself in his little flamingo boad-shorts with Vacation Snape! I disappointed him there, but perhaps you can picture it.

When ready we went downstairs for the craft fair. My fellow Death Eaters had a table, for recruitment, obviously, as you can see in the following picture. It was an honour. No, I am not going to name them! What do you think I am?! I was also recruiting and branding others with the Dark Mark throughout the con. I bought a wonderful Dark Mark necklace, which I have been wearing ever since.

Also at the craft fair was Petite Potions, who makes tiny things, among which are tiny potions bottles. lil!sevvie has the whole line of her potions, and he is a fan of her marvellous work. The exquisite little labels are designed after the manner of genuine labels of the early 20th century and contains a complete potions collection for any small Potions Master. He wanted me to take his photo with her.

Outside the craft fair, I was able to take photos of other friends.

Out of order, I will first post dearest logospilgrim in the red robes of Repentance. this is clothing as art and eloquence, full of pain and sacrifice in the form of blood, but there is also such a quietness and peace of seriousness. There is such beauty and richness in this! I feel my words very inadequate here.

Here are The Malfoys, with alabastardragon as Spike, and dear logospilgrim. I was very shy at this time, and though I asked for a photo I had not yet spoken with them.

Here is my_preciouss in her school robes, with dear logospilgrim. I had not met mypreciouss before, nor spoken even online, but I was immediately drawn.

I took two pictures that are missing from my camera. One was taken at this time of Lauren as a student. The other, taken at a later time, was of lil!sevvie with The Malfoys. I remember specifically because of the way they carefully ensured he would not be embarrassed in the photo by sliding robes. It seems likely I was using someone else's camera. If you have these, even if they turned out poorly, I would really like copies.

Here is dear logospilgrim in her wonderful robes of Repentance, with me as a Death Eater. I am still thinking about this picture. What does such a thing mean? It seems sad but contemplative. But aside from this, I am so very happy to have a picture of us together as I value the time we spent so deeply.

After this, though I have no pictures, we had a fiction-reading evening back at my hotel. I particularly loved pythiadelphi's dental story, though there were many fine and interesting stories, most of which I had never read. I read my story Father Christmas, 1940. I also wore my Snape robes for the very first time. When I sat down on the floor in my robes I snapped my ebony wand. A second wand lost in the the same day!
  • Hey! I know some of those people!

    Looks like you're having an absolute blast! KEEP IT UP! Don't be shy!
  • Aw-man, looks and sounds like so verrah, verrah much WIN. :D Just... damn. Demmed AWESOME. Much intrigued by the costumes and suchlike, and sounds like un helluvan atmosphere, there.
    • It was Awesome and Amazing. The costumes were stunning, and the people even more so. Can I believe there was such an atmosphere? Or do you find for what you look (meaning)? (What miracle to find it!!!) Or or or? Anyways, YES. There's a con in New Hampshire in April. Are you anywhere near New Hampshire?
  • Not a good wand day at all. Did you have a backup wand? Ending up without one on a con could be dangerous for a Death Eater.
    • Thank goodness these were ironically back-up wands. I still had the mahogany one with the core of baby beagle fangs. But after this I did not take it out much.
  • Very nice pictures! I love viewing everyone's pictures and stories of con.
    • Oh, thank you! I am enjoying it all so much too! It takes me back, which is very nice as I miss the con very much.
  • (no subject) -
    • Oh thank you so much! It was just brilliant, and people were wonderful. It was really amazing.
  • What a wonderful picture story. You humble us with your kind words. I am so glad you had such a wonderful time.
    • *snugs* Dear Irish! You need not be humbled. It was truly so wonderful, and you are truly so wonderful too. ♥
  • You took some wonderful photies, and I thought your costumes were great at the con :)
    • Thank you so much! It was so great to meet you, and Alex too. I am glad I was able to see you the last night, though it was late after a long day. You were so friendly and interesting, and it was a privilege to hear your good news! 8^) Congratulations again! <3
  • (no subject) -
    • Aw. It was all wonderful. I'm not sure who has the toothbrushes, but there may have been some left. Lil!sevvie and I were so excited and impressed by Dental-Care-Severus!
  • What a fantastic, yummy recap! I laughed at your line about the dread of small talk. I also had lots of opportunity at this con to feel socially awkward and be okay anyway. You got some pictures with people I was too shy to greet! :-) Please tell Lil Sevvie that I have a firm mental picture of him in his flamingo board-shorts. He looks quite rakish.
    • Totally agree! I've been admiring some of these folks from afar, but this being my first con and all, I was terrified as hell and wouldn't greet anyone unless spoken to or I already knew them through LJ :-P Kudos to you for being brave.
    • (no subject) - methleigh - Expand
  • Wonderful pictures, thank you! I especially adored the ones with you and logospilgrim. The red robes are beautiful, and your descriptions are very touching.
    • The robes spoke of so much, as well as being so wonderful with in themselves. I am so glad I had the opportunity to take such photos and share such moments.
  • (no subject) -
  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your affection, most beloved! I am so touched and humbled by your kind words that I hardly know what to say... I shall be so happy when I am spending time with you again. Thank you for sharing yet more wonderful photos! I had only one of you and me (just the two of us, I mean) on my own camera, and it did not turn out -but I knew that you would have a few, so I was not distressed :-)

    I think that the photo of you and I (red robes and Death Eater robes) signify a moment of transcendent union...

    That photo you took of "Hermione mourning Snape" took my breath away. Heavens, that is a beautiful sight... I want to put a mound of flowers on droxy
  • You got around con more than I did! Linear and warm, no one has ever described me like that. Thank you. As you now know, time accelerates at con, and small talk is sort of useless anyway, and circular discussions dont fit when things need doing. But, you actually want to talk of important things. I may or may not have helped, but I tired to impart my experiences from my view. Know I am here and you have my number.

    It was so great to meet you considering I found you via house cup. XD

    Lovely pics- and I remember that was using your phone!
    • I am surprised no one has described you thus! It was wonderful, and so utterly refreshing. I was impressed at once. I like to talk of important things - indeed they are really all I know to talk about. You helped, and gave me things to think about, and reminded me of things I, in some sort of defiant haze, had forgotten. You gave me very good advice I had never heard and which I shall take to heart. When things have settled a little more I will ask you about the medical website.

      I have your number. Yes. And I have a computer with an audio port now as well!

      Thank you for so very much! 8^) And for friending me during House Cup too! I was being bad: doing little more than posting everything I had for points, and reviewing for points, and yet you found me anyway!
  • awww, your poor wands, cons can be brutal on the wands, and seems our custom of acquiring a Whirlwood wand at every con is over, as he no longer travels to them. :-(

    I hope the photo of us with Lil Sevvie does turn up, as I was looking forward to seeing it.

    It was a pleasure speaking with you, and I hope this is not your last con, you'll always have a place at the cons now.

    • It seems many people lost something important to them. I will get a new ash wand, though I knew every grain and whorl of the old one - I had polished it so much it was as if I had made it. If the photo of you with lil!sevvie comes to light I shall certainly send it to you. It meant so much to speak to you both. I felt such peace. I will write to you soon, when things are a little more calm. I will sign up for Aeternitas this weekend. I've already asked for the time from work. It is just the familial permissions to work out. It sounds as if it will be marvellous!
  • That photo of the two of you and Logospilgrim in red/black is gorgeous! Dear Janus, as much fun as it was to finally meet my crush - lil!Snapey, lol - in person, I'm so glad I could meet and spend time with YOU.

    Your recap and photos are fabulous. I so wish I'd followed my instinct and driven up Thursday evening, but ah well. Next time maybe there will be more time... :)

    Thanks for your friendship. <3 you.
    • Oh thank you so much! It is a really cute photo of you with the badger, and lil!sevvie coming up too! <3 It is a pity we did not spend more time together, but the time we had was very valuable. Thank you for your friendship! In happy and in hard times, too. *warm hugs from us both*
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