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Convention Update July 16! (I feel I must include a warning for grainy pictures)

Convention Update July 16! (I feel I must include a warning for grainy pictures)

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sherlock.  not good?
I did not attain the recommended five hours of sleep the night before the sixteenth, nor did I eat the required two meals. I had about three hours of sleep and no food at all, except a banana for breakfast and some treats and wine at the Snapecast meetup. My photos sadly reflect this, as did my levels of adrenaline, and thus my state of calm. Nevertheless, the end of the day was magical.

Friday was scheduled to be the busiest day of the con. I missed the first two sessions in the morning, much to my dismay. I had not been able to choose between them, and was able to attend neither! I had wanted to see dickygloucester's presentation: Replete with too much Rage. The subject sounded very interesting, but also, I was excited to hear dickygloucester speak. She wrote the poignant and lyrical story The Janus Rose (which does not relate to me - we did not then know each other.) I knew from her story that whatever she said would contain intriguing insight.

This was put opposite the session that I could scarcely believe had been created. Harry Potter through Girard's Glasses. Could this be RENE Girard? Could it really? Apparently it could! He is a favourite to whom I refer when I am not writing fiction, and to whom I seldom see reference. Before Amazon and the Advanced Book Exchange I had tried very hard to acquire his books. It was a challenge, with the bookstore refusing to order 'such a thing.' I still believe they must have had him confused with someone else. But I digress...

I took a banana from the hotel breakfast and ran off to the hotel, albeit too late for either talk. I sat in the common room, hurriedly cutting and pinning together a collar for my light silk cape I had intended to go with my robes for the ball. The others from my hotel gathered around my table also, and they were very kind to me, particularly slytherinlaurel. She is my wonderful, diligent and attentive beta, and we went on a short walk.

I attended the costuming panel - The Naked Costumer, and was utterly amazed by all that people had done and all that they could do. The detail and work they put into their costumes! The sheer original creativity with which they solved technical problems! The thought and symbolism they invested! I resolved to do better than I had been, myself. But I also worked on my own costume throughout the talk. Costuming in a costuming panel! The Malfoys began the panel, but droxy spoke also, dressed in her Augusta Longbottom costume with the amazingly tall, green, vulture hat. alabastard had his beautiful robes, and alabastardragon was dressed and made-up as epilogue!Draco should have appeared in the final movie. Draco is a Malfoy! At thirty seven, he would never allow himself to look lumpy, misshapen, or twice his age! (How I wish I had a fitting picture of him dressed thus for you.) beluthien also came up to the front to show the amazing and vast multitude of pleats she had put into Snape's academic robes, all by hand! I was stunned.

Here are members of the panel in their costumes, though the photo is not set up and I only took it from a row of the audience. I apologise for the quality.

After the costuming Panel I was able to take a photo of sabrebabe, droxy and irishlass69. Their costumes this day were marvelous! Had I not already known who they were, I wonder if I should have recognised them.

qui_quae_quod was also kind enough to pose for me in her incredible Luna costume. The mask is extremely impressive. Until I made my Death Eater mask (two months work!) I was admiring, but unable to grasp the real scope of such a project. It is amazing!

I worked again in the common room for a little, finishing the costume-pinning, then arrived at logospilgrim's talk - Severus Snape, Jedi Master. I listened attentively but shall have to think much more before I have firm comment, save to say that it was wonderful - all I hoped and so much more. The talk centred on things I have spent quite a bit of time contemplating, and though they are now more resolved, they are not small matters. I was in a poor state this day and wish I had been more myself, for I had been most looking forward to this talk of the whole convention. For greater insight than I may offer, please visit logospilgrim's website. She signed my books, and they are precious. I am reading them slowly and shall make notes.

I milled about a little after this before heading to the Snapecast meetup. I met condwiramurs on the way there and was excited and delighted to learn that we were able to attend together! The light was dim, and again my phone-camera was inadequate, but here are the slightly grainy results, nevertheless.

Here is lil!sevvie with my bag and Death Eater mask. He has popcorn, a treat to which he is particularly partial. You can just see the Snapecast cupcakes in the background, featuring an iced line delineating Snape's impressive nose.

Here is condwiramurs with lil!sevvie - a casual picture. lil!sevvie, in our world, adores Regulus Black. As condwiramurs had just been speaking of cosplaying Regulus in her beautiful new Slytherin robes, lil!sevvie was in an especially happy and cuddly mood!

Here she is cuddling him.

condwiramurs was kind enough to take my photo with lil!sevvie in front of the life-sized cardboard Snape cutout. I am stillwearing my Death Eater shirt, I see.

We then moved to the next room to have quiet words with logospilgrim, and indeed it was a joy. Here is lil!sevvie, sitting with her upon the bed, resplendent in her beautiful and eloquent red robes, wonderful and lovely. He was delighted, and I too was at peace.

It was then time for the Night of a Thousand Wizards event at the Islands of Adventure theme park, which I was fortunate enough to be able to attend with logospilgrim and beluthian! When we got there and the Universal Studios staff had arranged a talk for us in a large auditorium. There were many people who acted out small scenes. A Snape I did not know asked beluthian to dance at the front. Everyone cheered them. It was lovely, and I was rather proud of our convention for being so creative and with such spontaneous ability to entertain without prompting or preparation.

I believe Universal Studios were not prepared for our abilities. We were nearly caught in a trapped and surging crowd, but made our way back to more air and space, where we met with The Malfoys, who had been able to attend the event after all, but who had missed the awkward presentation. The remainder of the night was magical and beautiful.

We walked through Hogsmeade among other wizards, taking many photos. All the shops were lit and one could see the details of their careful design clearly. So much had been considered so thoroughly. It was exquisite. I remember it being quiet, like a winter evening muted by snow, but it cannot have been quite like that in reality. Time moved slowly, and I particularly recall looking up at the station by the Owl Post, at alabastardragon's recommendation, at the clockwork and thoughtful life-like owls above us on the rafters. The lighting was such that without a flash, I was unable to take photos with my phone-camera.

From the town we ascended to Hogwarts Castle itself, where we took a walking tour. There were many photos taken inside the castle, and indeed I took some myself of others on their own cameras. It was beautiful, and again, much work and thought had been given to details of its recreation. Those waiting for the ride were generous and gracious enough to allow us to move through the lines in a liesurely way, pausing for the photographs. the portraits truly moved, and there were many animatronics and (I presume) holograms or projections. There were voices, and I particularly appreciated that of Salazar Slytherin with his stentorian exhortations.

I took a few photos despite the lighting, hoping they would reveal more than the black rectangle of the screen I could see when I later adjusted the levels. The results had peculiarly but gratifyingly vibrant colours.

Here is the castle as one approaches it.

Here is the view looking up at the ramparts from just below the entrance.

Here is the pensieve. I will admit to a great deal of colour manipulation here, for though the colours were originally as vibrant, I really wished for this gold and blue effect.

Here is one of the founders, holding a model of Hogwarts in his hand. I believe it to be Godric Gryffindor, though I may be mistaken.

Here is another of the founders, raising his hand above us. I believe it to be Salazar Slytherin, though I may be mistaken. Very imposing.

  • Great pics, it was a shame some of them didn't turn out!

    Love Sonia :)
    • Thank you. It was a dark day, but I did my best. Next time I will definitely bring a real camera instead of only a phone!
  • I agree that the last photo is Salazar Slytherin! That was my first thought!

    Thank you so much for posting all your pictures and recaps - I'm living vicariously through them!
    • what a funny icon! *laughs* Comparing it to someone's photo of his portrait, I am certain it is the great man himself! Best wishes. I surely thought of you and all the friends who were not there with us.
  • Lovely once again. Your photos bring Con back with all the wonderful memories!
    • Oh thank you so much. I know there is great graininess, but I remember, too. Wonderful memories. <3
  • Thank you for sharing all these wonderful pics! I'm so glad lil!Sevvie and you had such a great time.
    ~waves to you both~
    • *waves back shyly* It was a wonderful time, indeed. 8^) Thank you so much for reading and looking at the pictures.
  • I'm seriously enjoyingthe chance to relive the con from your perspective! :D I love your words and pictures. Thanks for sharing! *hugs*
    • *hugs* Oh, you made a wonderful and amazing Luna! Wow! It was so impressive! Thank you so much for reading and looking at my pics (even the grainy ones.) It was my first con, so maybe my perspective is a little wide-eyed and enchanted, but it was true!
  • Again, love the commentary, love the photos. Your night pictures of the castle look so pretty in their blues and greens!
    • Aw, thank you so much again, dear. The coolous were surprising, but it added a mystical element. They were so lovely in their natural colours in the dark as well. I was simply unable to capture them in the dim light. But it was magical!

      lil!sevvie: *gives you a special little hug*
  • I have to pack and I will be spotty on LJ but thanks for posting teh pic spam. Really, you can post anything you want.
    • I am a little spotty due to work, etc. as well, but I will answer everything. And it was really brilliant. So happy to have been able to spend that time with you.
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