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Convention Update July 17!

Convention Update July 17!

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sherlock.  not good?
This began as a quiet day. I got to the con in time for Snapecast's Theory of the Diminishing Snape, which outlined his increasing role in the books and his declining role in the movies. The presenters, as well as the audience, offered a cornucopia of insights and comments on Snape, his roles and his portrayal.

Afterwards I took this beautiful picture of chaechae in her 'Snape is my Hero' hoodie with logospilgrim reacting as Snape. It was such a perfect juxtaposition. As onlynanda pointed out long ago, Snape does not love himself. How could he react to heroism but with sorrow? What good fortune to see this moment and to be able to record it!

I had thought the action-figure (doll) meet-up was to be held in the lobby at this time, as I wanted to bring lil!sevvie and introduce him to his fellow counterparts, but I was a day late. After determining this, I spent some time in the common room then, simply relaxing with friends from my hotel. christev had come the night before to stay in my room with me, and I was very happy to see her! Lil!sevvie adores her and even made her a valentine earlier in the year. He has even cheered for Hufflepuff on her behalf! dickygloucester had met up with a badger companion who had been given a Slytherin necklace. Lil!sevvie deigned to pose for some Hufflepictures, though I wish I had one of him with dickygloucester and her badger as well.

Here is lil!sevvie riding the badger - a friend just his size!

Here he is sitting next to the badger.

Here is christev with lil!sevvie and the badger, in front of a Hufflepuff banner.

Here I am with lil!sevvie and the badger, in front of the Slytherin banner.

In the afternoon, in the common room, alabastard and alabastardragon held a fashion show! Everyone was dressed in their amazing costumes. Their hard work and grace was stunning. I was so impressed. I took a photo of each person in the show, but I was using my_preciouss' camera, so I have not yet seen the pictures. There was a great deal of movement, so while some ought to have turned out very well, others were caught at the wrong microsecond.

There was, in particular, a tiny and perfect Hermione, about six, I believe. She was convinced, at length, to go up to the stage with her mother, dressed as Bellatrix. The Malfoys, offered her the microphone, and she said, in a tiny, perfect, prissy little Hermione voice, "It's Wingardium LeviOsa, not Wingardium LevioSA." There was a great cheer that spontaneously arose from the entire audience at this, and had they not been already standing, I am sure the wee child would have received a standing ovation. She was brilliant.

I had dressed in my Snape robes for this, and for the ball later on. They were very comfortable, and pleased me very much. I felt very much at home in them, and I too went up to the stage during the fashion show, though I had meant to merely take pictures.

Here is a picture of the amazing my_preciouss as Merope, with lil!sevvie. She was absolutely perfect in this costume, in assumed attitude as well as dress!

the fashion show, I went with logospilgrim, again in her rich red robes of Repentance, to quietly watch chaechae's videos in a dark easy room. They were lovely, and some were funny as well.

At five I went to ariadne1's presentation, When Are You Going to Write Something "Real"?, which among other things chronicled the long and venerable tradition of fan-fiction in literature. It was very reassuring.

Then it was time to meet logospilgrim and beluthian for dinner before the set dances and the ball. They were resplendant. That is all I can say. I will let the photos speak for themselves. condwiramurs had been supposed to join us, but she called just before, and was unfortunately able to come.

Here is logospilgrim in her hotel room, handsome and sartorial in her fine and fashionable three piece suit.

Here she is again, a little closer.

This is beluthian, before dinner on the night of the ball, in his breathtaking clothing of Julian. He made this costume all by hand. I am left speechless in admiration. I just had to share this photograph with you.

Here he is again, a little closer.

That dinner was so wonderful. Again, I am a little speechless. I am a solitary person, and communion is rare, even under the very best and most congenial of circumstances. But I feel as if I have made two new friends, with much in common! What a remarkable thing, so unexpected!

We all had scotch, and touched glasses in old ritual. Here is logospilgrim with hers. Again, the lighting was a little dim, so my pictures are a little grainy.

Here is logospilgrim with scotch, but also with lil!sevvie, for the little one was with us also. How happy he is with her!

After dinner came the ball. It was wonderful. As I said, the set-dancing was a fulfilling experience, and made still better by my beautiful partners, by the formality, and by being dressed in my robes. The dances went flowed smoothly, proceeding in perfect form. I was a little... shall I say... surprised... that we were dancing to Yankee Doodle, but I continued nonetheless. beluthian and droxy were gallant and gentlemany. I was so pleased, even proud to dance with them thus.

My pictures of the ball, even with the levels adjusted, are much to grainy to post, and they have the additional disadvantage of being random snapshots in the dark.

I loved it though! They were offering 'Infinitus Punch' which was a type of piña colada made with a great deal of vodka. I drank enough that I could allow myself to dance, which I did very happily, not with a partner, but amongst friends and generally. I am rarely if ever able to do this, as it involves a degree of intuition and trust that I normally find beyond me, but I was so happy I was able to dance! What a wonderful evening! I did not notice the music.

Afterwards, Amy invited us to her suite - I had been given the number by my friends at my hotel as well as droxy, and though I was awkward when I arrived, soon others came also and I was welcomed.

Here is Pyjamapants, who worked so hard and selflessly before and throughout the con that I was converted into an admiring fan. She is playing Pansy Parkinson, and though she is not wearing it here, also wore a beautiful cape she had sewn. With her is ariadne1, who gave the talk on fan-fiction and is also a noted Hemingway scholar. She was wonderful, and was playing Hermione, at the ball. She was Hermione at the ball. Her dress, her hair, her movements were all perfect. I love this picture of the wto of them together.

Lastly, here is slytherinlaurel. She is my beta, for all my stories. She is brilliant, kind, helpful, thorough, observant, friendly, beautiful. I cannot say enough about her. And she has rabbits! I was so honoured and happy to meet her at last, and I am so glad that I was able to have a picture taken of us together. You cannot see her cloak in this picture, but it has a lovely and intricate lining. She is the young Narcissa, and absolutely perfect for the role. I am young, nervous, not-yet-sure-of-himself proto-Snape, the new Potions Master. You can see my robes here. I believe it is the only picture of them. My friend Julie made them for me. And of course here is lil!sevvie.
  • I have been so enjoying your Infinitus posts, my dearest one! God bless you for all your kind words ♥

    Oh, and I think the grainy photos have a very nice quality! I am so happy to know that you had such a splendid time during the convention :-)

    *tender robed embrace*
    • I am so glad you have liked the pictures, and so glad you posted some. I was so lucky to be able to take them! Next time I shall certainly bring a proper camera. It was a beautiful con. I learned so much! I was so often full of wonder. 8^) pax vobiscum.
  • Lil Sev is having way too much fun! Julian rocks (bethulien's OC)

    Logo did look mighty fine inteh suit.

    SQUEE for pic spam.
    • Julian and Logospilgrim were so amazing I don't even know what to say. And lil!sevvie had wonderful times as well. <3 thanks so much for reading and looking at the pics!
  • Wow. The Julian costume is utterly amazing and convincing. And I had no idea that it was my_preciouss who was cosplaying Merope. My roommates and I were commenting on how convincing her cosplay was as she slinked around almost invisibly among crowds of people. Normally, when we see really good cosplayers, we want to interact with them, but we realized that to interact with her would have been to disrupt her character, so we just watched. She was THAT convincing!
    • I interrupted Merope *is a little shame-faced*. I admired her so much! And Julian! I just... he was SO amazing.
  • You looked WONDERFUL in your dress robes. And it was great fun watching you dance - all the dancers for those formal dances did so well. It seemed very Austenesque. My photo of you during the dance is not so good, plus it makes you look either nervous or impatient. :)
    BUT - I have an absolutely LOVELY photo of you and SlytherinLaurel that I will be posting (eventually), and which I can send you because it's really that lovely. :D

    (you're a great example for me - I really, really need to put some thoughts down on paper, before memories of Infinitus blur.)
    • Oh, thank you so much! It was so nice to see you there when we were dancing. I hoped that perhaps you might join in. Oh, it was lovely. I am very much looking forward to seeing your pics, and all the scenes and beautiful things that I missed. I shall see the con through your eyes too!
      • That is the absolute nicest way anyone could have told me to get my rearend in gear and post already!

        Btw, there was a nice photo of you in one of the Snapecasters pictures, I think it was during the meetup. Great smile. <3 <3 <3
  • Wonderful photos, and you got around, more than I did :-D

    I've been hoping for a picture of Lauren as Merope, she was chillingly good.
    • Lauren was really amazing. She was a perfect student. She was a perfect Merope. And they were so different! I'm so glad I got a picture. 8^) Thank you so much! I took photos with Lauren's camera of the fashion show, too. Though there should be one of each person, some will be caught at the wrong moment. It was so much fun, and everyone was happy, having such a good time.
  • Aww, it was a pleasure to meet you at the con. Thank you for your kind words about Merope; i can assure you the next time i make it to a con she will be making an appearance for at least a day.
    • You were really brilliant as Merope! It was so wonderful to meet you. And I liked Merope with lil!sevvie too. It reminds me of Merope with young Tom. Ooooh, creepy! I was so impressed!
  • Your pictures turned out great! I'm rather partial to the badger picspam myself. :D

    It was so wonderful meeting you in person at last! I wish we could have had more time together... *squishes*
    • Aw, I was so glad to meet you. You were wonderful, and so kind too, even when I was sad. You looked beautiful as young Narcissa. The very embodiment. Aw, we did not dance! There was so much we did not do. But I was so happy to meet you at last. And thank you again for everything.
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