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Convention Update July 18 and 19!

Convention Update July 18 and 19!

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Sunday was a very quiet day. I took no pictures. After the delicious brunch at the Leaving Feast, I spent the day in the common room with logospilgrim, simply listening quietly to others' conversations. It was a beautiful way to end the con.

It was during this time as well that I was able to speak personally with alabastard and alabastardragon. What a gift those brief words were, and what a deep sense of peace I felt!

I simply sat afterwards, at peace, and drew, bent pennies, and made small things of paper, not talking, just listening. And when I took my leave from logospilgrim that evening, I felt too as if I had been deeply blessed. No, these were more than feeling. It was peace, and a it was a blessing.

On Monday I went by myself with lil!sevvie to the park. I had intended to go with someone named Helen, but I had misplaced her telephone number. (If you read this, Helen, I apologise sincerely.) Thus we set out intrepidly on our own.

The lines were long, and the waiting meant a great deal of time in the sun and heat. We went first to Hogsmeade to try the Forbidden Journey ride after all. It was terrifying, and especially so for lil!sevvie, who dangled from my belt in great fear. I visited a few shops and bought a few souvenirs. I was not able to visit The Three Broomsticks, alas, as lil!sevvie and I were alone and it was much too busy. We also did not attempt the roller coasters. The conductor or the Hogwarts Express was particularly friendly, genial and helpful. A gentleman perfectly in tune with his role. He was most concerned, for instance, that Professor Snape had been shrunk, recommending engorgement charms as well as various potions. Here he is with lil!sevvie.

In one of the lands near Hogwarts, there was a small pleasant area designed to appear natural. It was calm and serene after the lines and bustle. Here is lil!sevvie there, with a real duck! I took many pictures that were not quite right, waiting for the duck to pose as I wished.

We rode on the Suess trolly-cars above Suessland. But one is not permitted to take photographs whilst actually on the ride, and those photos I attempted to take whilst in the line were not well-composed. After the hectic pace of Hogsmeade and its multitudes, it was quite a relief.

I took lil!sevvie on the Suess carousel. There was no line, despite its whimsical and colourful design, the fine animals and the merry air. We rode it three times, hopping off afterwards and rejoining the end of the line. There was no wait at all!

Here is lil!sevvie perched on a ruff of neck-feathers of our fine steed. I call this photo: 'A Person's a Person, No Matter How Tall.'

Here is the carousel itself, with its wild variety of Seussian fauna.

When we dismounted, we met The Cat in the Hat, and I was able to take lil!sevvie's picture with him. See how carefully the small one is being held?

We next rode on the One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish ride. It was easy and fun as well. Here is lil!sevvie waiting in line, as One Fish Red Fish turns into view of the camera. Note its happy and innocent demeanour.

I wanted to look briefly at Cartoonland, so we walked in that direction before leaving.

Here is lil!sevvie with Howland Owl from Pogo, a favourite of my childhood when so much of my reading material was from before my birth.

Here is lil!sevvie with Claude Clay from Tumbleweeds.

As we were leaving, I took this final picture of lil!sevvie with the Hogsmeade sweets in the souvenir shop. Even as I was taking the picture, the staff was trying to remove lil!sevvie himself, saying he did not belong there. I wish it were possible to eat the white chocolate sugar skulls. I have wanted one for a long time, but so much chocolate was really not practical. I bought a chocolate frog, and one more to take home as a gift, but I can scarcely think of eating it. Perhaps there will be subsequent photographs.

And so we say "A Dieu" to Orlando, having already done so to our dear friends.
  • I so enjoyed your photo essays from Infinitus. Almost as good as being there. I absolutely love how everyone was so careful and respectful with Little Severus. You have created true magic with the creation of this special being. Glad you had such a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    • Oh thank you so much! How I wish you could have been there! Perhaps someday we will meet. Everyone was Very good to the small one. He is my darling, so I am hardly objective, but he adores you from afar, and possibly it was your Snapey who inspired him to such a large extent. I so admired your Snapey's home, and the gentleness and whimsy of your pictures. *hugs warmly*
  • You pictorial account has been absolutely fabulous!
    • Oh, thank you so much! I was so happy to meet you! It was with such happiness I went to the park with my wee friend, from the warmth of the con and new friends. <3 What luck to have been able to see you in the waking world!
  • It looks like Lil!Sevie had a wonderful time in the park. The one of him sitting among the sweets is the best - I'm glad you were able to get that. And what an excellent conductor to think of engorgement charms!
    • Oh, thank you so much for reading! Little Sevvie had such a good time. Everyone was so nice to him, and the conductor! He was so perfectly in-character, so effusive, with the expected demeanour - dynamic and imaginative.
  • More and more great photos. The Dr. Seuss land looked wonderful, a riot of color and perfectly Suessian shapes. The carousel really caught my eye, and your picture shows it wonderfully. There is so much to see at Universal; I'd really like to come back at a much slower time (if there is such a thing), to be able to explore a bit more, without feeling in danger of being trampled at any minute. In cooler weather would also be nice!

    I must say, Giant!Hermione was rather impressed with lil!Sevvie's height. She towers over her contemporaries, yet lil!Sevvie is taller than she is. It did wonders for her self esteem to be able to spend a bit of time with him. :D

    A Dieu indeed. Go with God, my friend!
    • Lil!sevvie was really pleased and warmed to talk with giant!hermione. He feels so small, usually, and to speak to one more his size was quite a relief. Why he felt quite tender. I'm glad they were able to meet and have a little time to talk together.

      Yes, Go with God, my dear friend. *hugs*
  • Ok teh Cat in the hat freaks me out and that's saying something. =)
    • Aw, he was really quite nice to us. I've been a mascot before, so I am all sympathy.
  • I hope we can continue our conversation, you are a very interesting soul.
  • *Smiles.
    I adored Suess land soooo much... there were so many fascinating things to look at :)

    Loving your photo-reporting... looks like Sevvie had a marvellous holiday!
    • Aw, thank you so much! He had a lovely time, and I trust and hope you had a brilliant time at the park the next day! It was so nice to spend the last night with you. Thank you for reading along!
  • I loved the carousel! Wish I could have ridden it with you and lil!sevvie! :)
    • Aw, it would have been so fine and lovely to ride it with you! I hope you got the chance to ride it yourself. The first time I was so busy taking pics we had to ride it again, and then again! I did not get a picture of just you and lil!sevvie in your beautiful cape either. awwwww.
  • Awesome pics :)

    • *hugs*
      Oh thank you so much!
      It was so grand to meet you. Thank you again so much for all your help! I would have been in despair without your good mask advice and kindness!
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