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Happy Happy Birthday, Dicky! from lil!sevvie and me.

Happy Happy Birthday, Dicky! from lil!sevvie and me.

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I wanted to find you a badger cake, but little Sevvie saw the badgers and convinced me they were infinitely better than a cake. He wanted me to make this special new icon...

  • How utterly adorable are they? Cutie pies.

    Sorry, but I could not pass up this post.

    Love Sonia :)
    • aw, thank you so much! the little guy has become so fond of badgers since meeting beatrice.
      <3 8^)
  • Those are adorable!
    • aw, thank you so much for looking. <3 I'd never noticed how sweet they looked until I was searching for pics of them. *hugs*
  • zomg sooo cute!!!
  • I have never seen cute baby badgers.

    Hufflepuff's offically have the best house mascot!
    • I had never thought about it before either, but it is apparently true!
      I feel disloyal.
  • Oh, merciful heavens, those are so darling that I think I may squee beyond the realm of human hearing. *squee!!!!*

    *dogs in a mile radius start to cringe and whine*

  • AAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Utterly, utterly cute!

    And I am so stealing your icon! Thank you so much! *hugs*
  • Squee! Oh, I love badgers!

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