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Felix Felicis

Felix Felicis

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sherlock.  not good?
Author: janus
Title: Felix Felicis
Fest: genhpldws
Rating: G
Pairings: None
Word Count: 500
Summary: Young Severus is already a Potions Master, but he lacks influence. Told from Slughorn's and Severus' points of view.
Author's/Artist's Notes: The challenge was to write a scene from a Potions class from the point of view of two characters from different generations.

Something had tripped the wards he had set on his classroom. With a sigh, Horace hoisted himself out of bed. He wished Argus had not been a squib. Then he could have left such investigations to the caretaker, in whose hands they belonged. As it was, he didn't want him meddling with his stores.

He combed his hair, glad that it retained a bit of curl, even thinning as it was. He straightened his pyjamas, then donned his quilted dressing gown, and inserted his feet into his warm slippers. It was cold in the dungeons. He gave another sigh.

He Apparated with a crack. He recognised the stringy Snape boy in the classroom's gloom. Horace remembered the mother. Nothing remarkable; pity about the family. Slytherin! He snorted. It was strange they did so well in potions. The boy's Draught of the Living Death had been perfect, but Horace had not wanted to waste Felix Felicis on such a student.

With what could he be messing about at this hour? Why, it was three am. Slytherin, too, so no doubt he would have to deal with all aspects of this foolishness. Horace squinted his eyes momentarily, in annoyance at the disturbance this had caused him. He could have been in bed, still sleeping comfortably. He sighed a third time as the boy turned, his mouth and eyes circles of surprise at his teacher's sudden appearance.

"Reducto!" Horace pulverised the cauldron, its contents, and the preparation materials the boy had been using.

It had been unfair of Slughorn to withhold the prize. Severus was Slytherin, too. Shining Felix Felicis! How his heart had bounded! How his mind had swirled with possibilities! He needed it as none of the others did. He knew he would win, for he also understood Potions as none of the others did.

For him, Potions was an art, above mere formulas. He felt the ingredients' properties, instinctively grasping the connotations of their effects, knowing infallibly how to combine them, altering them subtly but tellingly with manipulation of knife and spoon.

Of course he had won, with his Draught of the Living Death shimmering perfect. But Slughorn, prejudiced for fame and fortune, had laughed, claiming the offer of a prize had been a joke. He hadn't expected anyone to succeed, he had said.

Severus had turned the resentment over as another boy would have fingered a conker or foreign coin. At length it had come to him: he would prepare his Felix Felicis himself! It would not be stealing. He had earned it! And it would be more wonderful still than Slughorn's soulless recipe.

He had opened the storeroom, carefully sliding around and through its wards. He reasoned that he could charm the potion to hide it while it seasoned. He could visit it at night, tending its small daily needs when there was no-one to observe.

It hadn't occurred to him that an open classroom would be warded. As Slughorn destroyed the beginnings of his work, his heart sunk to despair again.

first posted to my dreamwidth account.
  • Ugh. Slughorn at his worst - but such a hopeful young Severus. I really liked this.
    • Thank you so much for reading! In the end Slughorn will matter less than Severus. Something in him knows this.
  • Beautifully written - one can feel Slughorn's lazy distain and Severus's bitter anger at the unjust refusal of what had been promised him. How like him to decide to take matters into his own hands, and how like fate to refuse to grant him even this. Well done!!
    • Thank you so much! And thank you for reccing it! Goodness, I am so touched. Severus is very determined, for to his mind if he were not he would never have anything. But perhaps he will still succeed in time and in another location. 8^)
  • This is so heartbreaking. I feel so bad for Severus.

    Great story. I really like it.
    • Welcome! And thank you so much for reading! He has a hard time, but he will still make his own luck when he has re-summoned his will and hope. Slughorn cannot make him give up. 8^)
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