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Positive October

Positive October

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sherlock.  not good?
October 9 (a little late)

I had a lovely rest and did very little. I am almost better from the flu.

My wee niece sent me a message through facebook saying she missed me.

It is trivial, but I began playing a silly game on my IPhone called Angry Birds. It is terribly engaging and is a trajectory game, combined with finger physics, with many amusing variations.

There was fish and chips for supper. I rarely have it, but it is delicious and reminds me of my uncle in Cornwall who liked it (my Uncle Denzil.) There was also pumpkin beer.

Logospilgrim gave me a lovely picture of the two of us in Hogsmeade on the Night of a Thousand Wizards. We have pumpkin juice. It was so delicious. I still have my bottles. It has real pumpkin as well as apricot. So refreshing, and healthy too, I believe! It was such a wonderful night once we entered Hogsmeade. It was magical. We looked around the town and toured the castle, taking many pictures, and then we rode the boat back to the hotel.

I also took more pictures of Little Sevvie. We spent a quiet day together. If it is picspam, I apologise. This is the best one, and the background is my green silk handkerchief.

first posted to my dreamwidth account.
  • I don't believe I've ever seen Little Sevvie up this close before. He's beautiful, and his mask is a real work of art.

    Thanks for posting these! (It sounds like Night of a Thousand Wizards was great fun!)
  • Picspam? NAY, SIR. This is pic-awesome. Little Sevvie est looking demmed excellent (and more than a bit impressive aye). Is all... damn. The eyes. Nice.

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