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November 20-day Scavenger Hunt!

November 20-day Scavenger Hunt!

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sherlock.  not good?
November 1

Our Favourite Soxes!
Little Sevvie only has one pair of socks, so they are his favourite. They are very very soft black baby alpaca from the town in California where my uncle lived. My favourite socks may not look exciting, but I like them. They are from all-natural organic free-range sheep from the same flock that helped to create some small person. I have some grey ones and some white ones, but these are my favourites.


first posted to my dreamwidth account.
  • Ooooooh. Those are some toasty warm looking socks.

    *pauses to admire Severus's kneecaps (in a purely aesthetic way)*
    • Little Sevvie says his socks are very toasty and warm. He is a little shy about his wee knees. 8^) I hardly ever wear my favourite socks, in case they wear out.
  • I totally love your tandem feet shot! <3
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