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November 20-day Scavenger Hunt!

November 20-day Scavenger Hunt!

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sherlock.  not good?
November 7

Random Science!

Now, I am not sure what constitutes a science project. I have a bottle of pomegranate juice and water I have been fermenting for three and a half years now, just to see what will happen, but nothing has happened and it looks like... a bottle of pomegranate juice. I am here presenting, with Little Sevvie's help (and someone has to babysit the random Dracos) a fairly whimsical aspect of Adventures in Dentistry. Imagine my delight when I was able to create dental plates of ice cubes in silicone trays (alas not available in the 19th century!.) Alas, also, it is impossible to articulate them properly, as they MELT. In case they are not scientific enough, or not unattractive enough, here is a dying tomato plant.

Larger Draco says, "Why don't you just get rid of this?!"

Yes, there are bars on my kitchen window, about fifteen feet above the ground. I don't know either.

first posted to my dreamwidth account.
  • The dental mold ice cubes would be AWESOME in a punch bowl.

    And that African violet is GORGEOUS. The petals are just PERFECT. (Is African violet, yes?)

    • I love teeth. I wanted to be a dentist, but alas, alack. So, 'I' think they are awesome, but others... you know... wince. If I have a punchbowl I will Certainly add them! 8^D

      I took a picture of it when it had twenty flowers. Twenty! On such a wee plant. *pets it* I haven't posted it yet, though. I will get around to it soon, I assume.
  • Heehee, teeth! I saw a form for brain-shaped ice cubes once; i was sorely tempted.
    • I have brain moulds for jello! Both full size brains and individual portions. But in reality I rarely make jello.
  • I'm glad you showed a closeup of the ice teeth and mold - I was curious from the other picture. I think I would enjoy seeing guests' reaction to them when offered a beverage with ice teeth. :D

    The petals on the African violet are so perfect I looked closer to see if it was silk. It's really beautiful!
    • Yes, they are real! Thank you so much!
      Alas, there are no guests. But as soon as there are I shall feed them tooth ice in their drinks!
  • Denture ice teeth FTW! Those are way awesome. =o) It never occurred to me to include a dying plant. DOH! Because I do have that. My thumb is as black as they come. The only consolation I have is my hubby. He is the only reason my bamboo plant is still alive.

    And the African violate is so very lovely. =o)
    • Aw, thank you so very much! 8^)
      So many plants have died. My violets have lived - my grandmother liked them when I was a child and somehow I have only killed a few. Someone else had included a rejuvenating plant, so I hoped it would count if the teeth did not.
  • Lezard volunteers to babysit the random Dracos.
    • That is a great relief to everyone. Fortunately they are relatively serious students. But they love monkeys!
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