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November 20-day Scavenger Hunt!

November 20-day Scavenger Hunt!

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sherlock.  not good?
November 12


Here is the door of my bedroom. It is obscured by robes and cloaks. I am sorry it is out of focus. I had to teeter on my bed and hold the camera against the ceiling to get all of it. So tired. You can see Pharoah and Tigger reflected in the mirror. Pharoah is the big tiger. For the game of Faro. Tigger was my grandmother's. You can see the flag from my uncle's yacht club, which they gave me at his 'celebration of life.' The random Dracos are at the bottom with Little Sevvie and Reggie.

first posted to my dreamwidth account.
  • I love your robes and cloaks, most beloved :-)
    • Oh, thank you so much, dear Logospilgrim! I was not happy with the picture, but your kind words make me feel better.

      And little Sevvie feels so warm and loved to see your happy picture.
  • a) It's a great shot. I'm tremendously impressed with the way you managed the reflections
    b) LOVE all the cloaks etc! <3
    • It is judicious cropping. 8^D Thank you so much. The caps at the top are for Rabastan. I'm wearing Rab clothes this winter as it will be a cold one here, they say.
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