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November 20-day Scavenger Hunt!

November 20-day Scavenger Hunt!

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sherlock.  not good?
November 13

Inverted Kitchen!

My house is very old and broken down, and my kitchen is scary. Here is the stove, which I have tried to photograph in some positive light. It is very small and the oven does not work, though I am glad it is gas. I have a convection oven for baking, roasting, etc., which is from the late seventies.

first posted to my dreamwidth account.
  • I had to turn my laptop upside down to see. ::g:: Should I get my Spectre-Specs out too?
    • *laughs* The scavenger hunt assignment for the day is one's upside down kitchen! Whatever noxious magical beasts that could possibly be present are more than likely lurking ominously and only possibly invisibly.
  • Speaking as one who used to own a very, very scary (and gross) oven, yours looks quite non-scary.
    One of the best things when I was negotiating for my condo was I told them I didn't want their appliances - and they gave me enough of a discount to buy new stove, fridge and (tiny) dishwasher! Heaven!
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