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November 20-day Scavenger Hunt!

November 20-day Scavenger Hunt!

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sherlock.  not good?
November 19

Something that Reminds You of Someone

Here is little Sevvie with the Chinese Linking Rings. My dear Uncle gave them to me, because I was interested in magic. He loved magic. He was invited by Milt Larson himself to be a member of The Magic Castle in Hollywood, not as a magician, but as an aficionado. The Magic Castle is not just a club, but The legendary magic club, sparkling and amazing, along with The Magic Circle in London. The Linking Rings are a core routine. The journal of the International Brotherhood of Magicians in called The Linking Rings, and its member clubs are also called 'rings.' They are iconic, and though they can be done simply, they are a creative pursuit, possibly almost meditative, and challenging to master. I have not mastered them. But they are special, and my uncle gave them to me. Gifts are precious. And especially against such a black background, where they wink in the light, they remind me of his world, and of his appreciation of beautiful and magical things, and I can hear him laughing when I think of them or work with them, because his laugh is memorable and meaningful.

first posted to my dreamwidth account.
  • Oh, what a great gift for him to give you of your shared passion! That is a nice picture - shows off the rings really well. I so enjoyed LittleSevvie's blog last year that showed your magic cruise, along with the magic talk. :)
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