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December 2010 with Little Sevvie

December 2010 with Little Sevvie

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sherlock.  not good?
Here is Little Sevvie today, with Reggie, of course, and his beautiful scarf from Severed Lies. He also has his Christmas lavender, his Christmas black-and-silver blanket and his shawl that Billy knit for him. He also has a new little badge with a sheep on it, to represent Reggie.

(edit: Little Sevvie was not happy with this picture description. He wants you to know that it does not really do justice to his beautiful new scarf, which looks black but has rich very dark green and grey as well and is knit in a lovely lace pattern. He is quite chuffed with it. He also wants to say his white shawl is knit with a fancy diagonal pattern on it. He says this as he snuggles warmly in both. It is cold here tonight.)

These are pictures from St. Paul's - just a few of my friends there. Sandra and Peter made gingerbread people for everyone. Including Little Sevvie! How wonderful for him to be included. First is Sandra. Her person is not of her so much as Anne of Green Gables.

Here is Anil, so happy. It was such a happy day.

Here is Markus, the Rector. I believe that is the right word. There is one gingerbread person for him with his robes of the week before and another of him in his secular clothes cheering at a hockey game. He likes sports. Have I mentioned he has said he is a Hufflepuff? He is amazing.

Here is Little Sevvie with his gingerbread person and mine. Alas, my head fell off, so it must rest on the plate. See my Slytherin tie and the little one's Slytherin scarf? *beams proudly*

Here is Little Sevvie with his gingerbread person.

Here are Little Sevvie and his friends in the morning. These are Eeyore, Biddo the rabbit, and of course Reggie-sheep.

Here we are playing a super-fun game. Apples to Apples. It really is super-fun, I swear.

This picture still gets to be visible. It is Little Sevvie with Markus in his advent robes. The little one had wanted this picture taken for quite some time. He adores Markus.

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  • It's always intersting seeing your pics of little Sevie. The way you take them, makes him seem life size. In that first pic, I thought the scarf was a cloak! I immediately thought, I want one of those *G* The material would make one beautiful cloak. How big is little Sevie?

    I love the gingerbread cookies, they look fantastic!

    • Oh, thank you so much for looking at them! You can see his real size on Markus' lap. He is about 13 inches tall (my laptop screen's diagonal) - a little taller than a GI Joe. He has a white shawl as well as a black scarf. He would let you wear them for a little, but he would also want them back very soon. *grins*

      I just noticed your icon! It is snowing! *is riveted*
      • *G* He's so cute :)

        Oh! My icon *G* I found this free program http://www.lunapic.com/editor/ and you can add snow, rain, flames, almost anything to pics. It's really cool. If you make one, just remember you can't edit after you add the effects, or it won't work. So upload your icon at the size you want it first. Have fun, I played with it for hours :)
    • Oh my, thank you for the virtual teddy bear! 8^) I am so glad you liked our card with its enclosed tribute to our Dark Lord. Yours is right here on the mantel. A lovely Christmas dinner. <3
  • Little Sevvie is a cutie pie... I can't wait to see him Aeternitas!

    Love Sonia :)
  • Ah, my goodness, how I love the people at your church, most beloved! And little Sevvie deserves all the love in the world ♥
  • Little Sevvie makes me purrrrrr.... Much love to all of you!
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