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For Peace and Happiness

For Peace and Happiness

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sherlock.  not good?
Title: For Peace and Happiness
Author: janus
Rating: G
Characters: Severus, Tobias, Eileen
Word Count: 250
Warnings: none
Summary: Six-year-old Severus engages in School Crafts at his Muggle infant school.
Prompt: Severus' home life before or after Hogwarts.

Severus’ father didn’t like magic.

Severus’ mother didn’t like Christmas; it was for Muggles.

Severus chewed his thumb, considering with a small frown. The week before Christmas his second-year class did Crafts for Parents. His teacher explained Christmas was not just about receiving, but about others’ happiness, especially parents.

Maybe if he gave his mother her gift tonight she would accept it. It need not really be for Christmas. He could wait up to give his father his gift when he came in late on Christmas Eve. Tobias would like that; he too longed for real Christmas with a tree, stockings, a nice meal… It was no use dreaming. Severus stopped himself.

They made Wallets for Fathers with leather squares, laces, and pattern punches. He carefully decorated his with ‘Peace on Earth’ and a football. He knew it was a football, and so would his father. Severus could tell his mother it was the earth. She didn’t approve of football either. He secretly let magic flow into it. For Peace.

They made Trivets for Mothers from mosaic tile fragments glued to board squares. Instead of words Severus depicted his family: black haired with smiles and big noses. One face was much smaller; one had long hair; the third had short hair. He put a steaming cauldron above the smallest head, creating a diamond-shaped scene with a figure in each corner. Maybe she would like the cauldron, anyway. Severus could tell her he had put magic into her gift. For Happiness.

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