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All Soul's Day

All Soul's Day

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sherlock.  not good?
A gift from Rosivan for me in the the livejournal com hp_halloween

Title: All Soul's Day
Author: Rosivan
Characters: Rabastan, Regulus
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Somehow, it was much more pleasant than chatting with portraiture.
Notes: Happy Halloween! I was pleased to get a chance to write for you! :3

The two cousins shivered in the cool night air, Rabastan's fingers tight on Regulus's sleeve so they wouldn't lose each other in the fog. The path was wet, but it muffled their steps and the pair of them moved deeper into the night, two young, small shapes across school grounds.

At the edge of the trees, sheltered by its branches, they lit short sticks of incense. With small cakes and a bottle of (now only warm) tea, both boys settled in and waited for the minutes to creep past midnight.

"Now," Regulus said and tipped his pocket watch so Rabastan could see. They made a small fire in the dirt, one tiny flame shivering in a circle of rocks. A prick of their fingers, two drops of blood - it was enough to announce their presence on this particular night.

Slowly, as if detaching from the fog itself, figures started appearing. Ghostly men and women peered down at the boys, who smiled up at them in shy greeting, slightly unsure. Then, as if they were at a proper table, and not on the ground in the woods, their ancestors sat with them as they drank down their tea.

first posted to my dreamwidth account.
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