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hp-halloween double-drabbles

hp-halloween double-drabbles

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Halloween. Not that Halloween, an earlier one. The Day of the Dead, and they were in cloaks and masks in the cemetery. Death-eaters. So big silver trays smuggled from the Malfoys' cupboards were laden with marzipan skulls. Regulus had been ill behind a tombstone, suspecting almond poisoning. Goyle had slipped in it, spreading a wide area in sour smell, and been banished to an open grave.

The Carrows organised a gravestone-perching competition, the prize a basket of pomegranates. After Lucius arose, discovering his robe was soiled, Bella was declared winner. Both Rudolphus and Rabastan had earlier edged away from her anticipatory cackling, toppling sideways like falling bookends.

Severus, suspicious and half-blooded, hunched in a mausoleum addressing a random skull. Yorick, alas alas. He was joined by Dolohov, addressing his owl in impromptu tableau.

They intended a jolly game of Horcrux Horcrux, Who's Got the Horcrux, till someone was found greedily devouring one. He had baked his into what could only be called a Crabbe-cake. A Death-eater? The Dark Lord gnashed his teeth, fuming. That was not what he meant.


Everyone blanched and began to draw away as Crabbe writhed, thrown against the cold stone. Abraxas quietly reclaimed his tea-trays.

Title: The Darkest Night
Characters: Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy
Warnings: Implied DE activity.
Rating: PG
Summary: Draco is ill-prepared for the reality of his allegiance.
A/N: All Hallows Eve 1997
Prompt: Severus as a Death Eater.

Draco emerged from the tunnel into the Shrieking Shack, then flinched as a strong hand grabbed him by the shoulder.

“I should send you back to your dorm,” Severus scathingly drawled, “You are certainly not fit for your assignment.”

“I am perfectly able to attend to my duties, Headmaster,” Draco said defiantly. The boy's trembling frame belied his thin confidence.

Severus pulled a dessicated bat wing from his cloak and bade Draco to take hold, then the pair disappeared from sight.


Hours later, covered with detritus, Draco collapsed onto the floor of the Shack. Severus hovered over the boy, mulling his options.

When his strongest warming charm failed to still Draco's chattering teeth, Severus scooped the huddled boy into his arms. Staggering out the door, he murmured an incantation, and the pair rose into the night.

The bracing wind and the surprise of flying unaided made Draco swallow hard. He flinched as Severus directed them up to the Headmaster's tower, then blinked in awe as the window panes melted away.

Safely inside his office, Severus pushed Draco into a chair and summoned his second-best brandy. He mentally juggled his schedule to allot much needed lessons for his young charge.
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